You Can't Win Anything with Kids

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"You can't win anything with kids”

I was on the school run last week chatting to another Dad.

I was talking about the power of building a team with kids.

I referenced our team to sail the world with our kids (they were 9, 7 and 2) and how each and every person played a fundamentally important role on the boat.

He reminded me of this famous clip/ quote from football Alan Hansen shortly before Manchester United went on an incredible winning spree with the so called kids.

Each and every person on any team has a role to play.

I often refer to my smallest child as my leader on the pitch. She's the one with energy and enthusiasm who has the ability to lift everyone else.

Tip:  Look for what each and every person can bring to your team. Don't be deceived by age. Everyone has a contribution to make.

In The Spotlight

It’s not often you can say that Sir Clive Woodward is your warm up act. This Friday, rugby legend Sir Clive is the opening speaker at this event for 300 successful CEO’s and I have the privilege of being the closing speaker.

As a rugby fan, I’m certainly looking forward to hearing Sir Clive and his insights behind creating the World Cup Winning Team.

Vistage Executive Summit

Lovely to be featured in PM Forum Magazine this month writing about the parallels between creating a thriving work team and a thriving home team and how both work and home can learn from each other.

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Summer Solstice

Summer is my favourite time of year with its long days and warm summer evenings. It’s always lovely to see all the photos from the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice on June 21st. One of my favourites was our designer Jacqui Edwards with this beautiful picture from Trevose Head in Cornwall.

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6 Small Things that Make a Big Difference

1) Being present and really listening.

2) Sending a hand written note to say thank you - especially when it’s detailed, specific and heart felt.

3) Doing what you said you would dO

4) Noticing how others are feeling (and not getting lost in a contrivance of your own in your own head).
5) Micro rewards which are publicly shared and enjoyed.

6) Finding the fun - be someone people want to be around.

Tip: It’s the small things that can make a big difference. Remember that small hinges swing big doors.

Be a Better Leader

What’s your story? My leadership tip of the week is all about taking the time to stop and deliberately, consciously and specifically create your story.

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Thought for the Day

Encourage a sense of curiosity in your teams at work and at home. 

I love working with Caspar. He has great energy and real passion for what he does. He has that rare balance of top business experience and adventure. He’s always got time for you when you need some advice. I hope we will have many more opportunities.
— Maria Franzoni - Maria Franzoni Ltd Speaker Bureau; London Speaker Bureau Office; Speaking Business Podcast; Speaking Business