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The Curious Story of the Crabs

I was struck by a story close to my home this week. Well, actually about 4 miles from my home where I grew up.

It’s about the South Devon crabbing industry.

For many years, the price of crabs has been in the doldrums and it’s been tough to make a living as a fisherman.

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 11.03.53.png

My first business was as a commercial fisherman (in the pic attached) albeit at a micro level as opposed to the large commercial boats.

About a month ago, a friend pointed me to this podcast.

It was a fascinating insight about the up turn in the fortunes of the crabbing industry. As the podcast peels back the layer, it turns out the shift came from one significant thing.

The opening up of a new market.

Specifically, the Chinese market.

Turns out there is a seemingly unquenchable demand for South Devon crab in China.

I was back at home several weeks ago and spoke to former fishing colleagues.

The demand is stronger that ever with virtually all the crab being shipped to different parts of China each week.

(It has actually got to the point where demand is outstripping supply by so much that local restaurants and bars are challenged to have crab on the menu as the price is so high. This time last year, a pound of picked crab meat was £12 a pound. Today it's £22 a pound. In round numbers 3 drinks and 3 crab sandwiches sets you back the best part of fifty quid.)

Leaving aside that us Brits might have to get used to some different seafood or pay the higher prices, what’s the business upshot?

For entrepreneurs, always be looking for that opportunity. New markets can change things dramatically. The speed and scale and size can be breathtaking.

Tip: What’s the big overlooked opportunity in your business? What new markets could you tap into that you don’t currently.

Daily Habits

Your daily habits matter. They matter a lot.

The most common daily habits I observe across people I admire include




Expressing gratitude/ appreciation

Cold showers (it’s a shock to start with!)

Time connecting with whoever is most important to you outside work)

Watch this brief video on one way to instil habits that you want.

Tip: What you do every single day is what will shape your life.

In the Spotlight

It's been a busy start to the year. Truly grateful to have had the opportunity to share stories and insights on stages around the world. And equally grateful to the 18 people who've kindly written testimonials for me in 2019...

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Great to be on several podcasts this week.

The first was with Jonathan Levi on his Becoming a Super Human Podcast.

And the second was with Alan Stevens on his Media Coach Radio Show (I was first on Alan’s Show many years ago - it was great to chat to Alan again).

Sleep Deprivation Shrinks Your Balls

For all the sleep warriors out there... Sleep deprivation shrinks your balls.

Shorter sleep = shorter life.

And much more. If this talk by the incredible Matthew Walker doesn’t shift your mindset on sleep, nothing will.

Key takeaways:

Regularity of sleep is super important

Keep the temperature low where you sleep.

Watch his TED Talk here

(His book equally worth reading - Why we Sleep).

Be a Better Leader

Distracted? People on their phones in meetings?

Today’s leadership tip of the week is one simple hack to deal with this. Tip inspired by the #hrprofessionals at 4th Rewards and Benefits Summit in Barceona

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Thought of the Day

Building a team? At Home? At Work?

Same principles. Think like a farmer. Nurture what you want to see more of. Apply sunshine and water. Be patient.


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I recently attended a talk by Caspar during a Reward conference in Barcelona. I went into the session with a bit of apprehension as I had often seen these sessions devolving into sermons. Not this one though! A brilliant speaker and an inspiring orator, Caspar had carefully structured the talk with his own life events providing enough meaningful learnings that one could then incorporate in either their professional or personal lives. He is also an affable person making sure to interact with participants before and after the session
— Ayan Majumdar - Director Total Rewards at Pearson