What story are you still carrying?​

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What story are you still carrying?

When I was 13-14 at school, I was surrounded by people that I thought were smarter than me.

One of the smart kids could do the Rubik's cube. Truth is he got the book and figured it out.

Rubiks Cube.jpg

I had the fixed view that if I couldn't figure it out quickly and on my own, it wasn't for me. I know I know how crazy that sounds.

As our 7 year old was playing with her rubiks cube last week the story popped into my head again..."only the smart kids can do the rubiks cube"..

What better time to call out that BS.

My challenge for the past week (aided by youtube) was to figure out how to do the

A week on with Plenty of help from YouTube videos, some persistence, a few swear words, lots of 7 year old help (here daddy try it this way!) and finally nailed it.

Tip: It’s never too late to explode stories that you’ve carried for years “I’m not the sort of person who can do that...” What challenge did you once think was too hard for you that you would take on?

It’s a State of Mind

Leadership is a state of mind. Not a title.

6 simple leadership tips anyone can use no matter their age, title or role.

Share your enthusiasm with the world - it’s one of the most valuable gifts you have to share.

Notice and appreciate the small details of what other people do

Plant seeds of kindness and encouragement.

Do what you say you are going to do

Be present. 100% present.

If you ask a question, make sure you really listen to the answer.

Tip: Encourage leaders at all levels in all areas of your life.

In the Spotlight

I’m looking forward to delivering my Keynote Talk "Transforming the Culture in your Business” as the opening speaker at the Rewards and Benefits Summit for leading HR Directors in beautiful Barcelona this week with the brilliant team at Summit Events.

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Mental Health

Guy Tolhurst, Founder of Intelligent Partnership is doing a brilliant job raising the conversation around mental health. It’s something that is clearly an increasing challenge of our time. He’s been making a series of short films. Watch this one where Michelle Morgan shares her story of depression, anxiety and burnout she experienced in running her business and taking on investment. Learn why she is now able to talk more openly about her mental health, at home and at work.

Be a Better Leader

Getting truly connected to why you are doing something is right at the heart of making things happen. I was reminded of this process we went through some years ago to make plans of ours when speaking to some super successful entrepreneurs today.

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Be Intentional. Redesign Your Life To Make Good Use Of Time

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Caspar delivered a 90 minute keynote presentation to our leadership members at PRogress and the feedback has been exceptional! Caspar delivered what was one of the most inspiring stories bundled with numerous leadership lessons that can be applied in your personal life and at work. One of our members described themselves as going through all the emotions through Caspar’s talk and one even described it as life changing. Caspar you were truly exceptional, like your story, like your family and like your success. To top it all off, Caspar is a genuinely lovely guy! Thank you for speaking at PRogress.
— Rohan Shah - Founder and Managing Director at PRogress UK