Who's First?

From the Desk of Caspar

Who’s First with the Tech?

“The first person to master the tech usually wins”.

A quote from Sir Clive Woodward last week on talking about how he used tech and data to transform the fortunes of the England rugby team.

It's a simple and powerful message.

I was reminded of that this morning as I lined up for my Cafe Nero latte.

I reflected.

During my journey to London, I'd walked past some 20 plus coffee shops. Coffee is about as a commodity product you can get.

So why did I hold out for a Nero's?

For me, I've got used to using their App - its simple, they've gamified it with rewards and of course you accumulate the stamps for a free coffee.

I'd even go so far as to say that because of "familiarity" with Nero's I prefer their coffee now.

They have my loyalty.

In no small part because they have the best tech.

In your business.

What tech are you mastering to give you an edge?

Sir Clives message is simple and powerful.

The first person to master the tech usually wins.

Tip: In which area of your life or work to master technology to get an edge?

Past Present Future

Ever have differences with other people?

It's often that we're focused on different things.

Here’s one example:

Do you focus most on past, present or future?


Split it up by % (a rough guess is fine).

For example, one person is 10% focused on the present, 90% in the future, and 0% in the past.

Someone else is 30% focused on the past, 50% in the present and 20% in the future.

Without making any judgements on whether one is right or wrong, can you see the immediate challenge this presents?

The first person is 5 x more focused on the future. The second is 5 x more focused on the present.

Can you see how this presents a challenge?

What's the answer?

Having an awareness of where you are both focused is incredibly powerful. It helps explain where you are both coming from. 

Person 1 is looking forward. Person 2 is in the now.

Try it. Where are you focused?

Try it with someone you know. What does it tell you?

Where are you both focused?

This is one of way of doing that.

Tip: Get conscious of where you spend your time focusing compared to other people. Use it as a way to develop greater understanding and communicating with others.

In the Spotlight

It’s been a busy first half of the year and I’m thrilled to have had the chance to deliver 30 Keynote Talks in the last 6 months. It’s been wonderful to have the opportunity to share stories and insights and positively impact audiences around the world.

Screenshot 2019-08-29 at 11.43.33.png

When you get testimonials like this, it’s the greatest reward I can get.

If you know someone who has an event coming up where you need inspiring stories and insights on leadership, teamwork and life, please send them this way.

The 2 Most Important Skills For the Rest of Your Life

One of the most inspiring thinkers I’ve been reading and listening to recently is Yuval Noah Harari - best selling author of Sapiens, Homo Deus and 21 Lessons for the 21st Century.

In this enlightening interview he shares his ideas on how machines and AI will become better at knowing us that we know ourselves and the most important skills we will need to develop for the future.

Be a Better Leader

Are you a sponge or a rock? Leadership tip of the week inspired by Sir Clive Woodward speaking for 300 CEO’s in London.

Thought for the Day

Leadership is a state of mind. Not a title.

Screenshot 2019-08-29 at 11.39.08.png
We recently booked Caspar for our local authority Senior Leader Conference having had the pleasure of seeing his Keynote speech at Schools Northeast earlier this year.

He delivered 2 sessions for us; the first a workshop with Headteachers and the second a keynote to 100 senior leaders from different schools across the authority. Both sessions were expertly pitched to the audience and offered the opportunity for colleagues to really consider their roles within their wider organisations. More importantly, there was an authenticity to Caspar and his delivery, creating a real sense of the impact that focused, resilient and creative leadership can have.

I have now seen Caspar speak on 3 separate occasions and have not been disappointed. He tailors his sessions to the audience and in the workshops we were most definitely challenged to think creatively and examine our impact within our roles.

The feedback from the session has been overwhelmingly positive:

‘Really engaging and interesting speaker - clear presentation structure with useful 8 steps clearly applicable to education and our leadership content.’

‘Excellent very interesting into the 8 characteristics.’

‘I Admired Caspar’s drive, vision and determination‘

‘Served as a reminder about the value of having goals even if at the time they seem big and unachievable.’

‘Excellent!!! An inspiring story of determination.’
— Tracy Crowder-Cloe - Headteacher, National Leader of Education.