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Two weeks ago I spend the day drifting down the river with my friend and author Carl Honore. Carl is the author of the best seller “In Praise Of Slow” (it sold over 1/2m copies and his TED talk has been watched by millions).

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The whole point of slow is that sometimes we race and hurry and miss the point of life. As someone recently remarked:

"Most men pursue pleasure with such relentless pace that they hurry past it”

There is a very powerful benefit to slowing down. We gain perspective. We see things we didn't see before. We reflect and so often come up with better answers.

Tip:  Sometimes we need to slow down in order to speed up. What are you missing by charging through life?

8 Factors of Happiness

How many of these are you living?

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In The Spotlight

Really enjoyed this conversation with Joshua Spodek, NYU professor of leadership and entrepreneurship. His take on leadership and the environment is that it’s about the actions you take - awareness is not enough - it has to go further. This is the first of 3 interviews we did - the last one including some family members where we get in specifics of doing small things that make a difference.

Listen here

The big question it prompts: what will you actually do to make a difference to the environment.

Had a lovely surprise today to find out that my TEDx talk has made its way onto the main website. {although it does seem an age ago in my speaker career and I cringe a little when I watch it back!}. Must be time for a new one for when the next book comes out :)

Thrive Life Summit

On September 16 and 17 I will be running a unique event, which guides you through creating your shared story and living with intent.

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It will contain brand new material, stories, research and practical workshop exercises that I’ve been researching for my new book as well as some of the most powerful techniques we’ve developed from past workshops.

You’ll leave with energy, purpose, and most importantly a clear story of the future and a plan to make it happen.

Places are limited and the early bird offer runs out soon.

Tickets here


Thought for the day:

Why do we waste so much time and energy fighting reality...

As in "It SHOULD" be this way.

Accept the reality of where things are.

And then find a way around it.

Know your foibles, your weaknesses, your strengths, your preferences, your passions, the things you can't stand.

It's really hard and really exhausting to fight against your innate nature.

Roll with it.

Then find ways to compensate for where you are weak by finding others that are strong.

Be open. Be vulnerable. Be curious. Seek the truth.

All of us have only a finite amount of brain horsepower every day.

Use it wisely.

Don't waste it sweating stuff thats hard to change.

Find the easy way.

Be a Better Leader

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Thought for the Day

What's holding you back? Waiting for everything to be perfect can be dangerous if used as an excuse to delay.

On our recent sailing expedition, if we'd have waited for perfect, we'd never have left safe harbour to set sail. We'd prepared well but no matter how well prepared you are there will always be things that aren't perfect.

Are you holding off making that sales call, putting an idea or project forward, having that conversation or doing whats truly important to you?

Trust yourself. You'll figure out the answers as you move forward.

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I recently attended a talk by Caspar during a Reward conference in Barcelona. I went into the session with a bit of apprehension as I had often seen these sessions devolving into sermons. Not this one though! A brilliant speaker and an inspiring orator, Caspar had carefully structured the talk with his own life events providing enough meaningful learnings that one could then incorporate in either their professional or personal lives. He is also an affable person making sure to interact with participants before and after the session.
— Ayan Majumdar - Director Total Rewards at Pearson