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What are you reading this summer?

This is a great time of year to catch up on reading. Over the past few weeks I’ve read two books that have provoked much thought. Both were recommended to me and both have been impactful.

The first was the Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande, a surgeon and writer. At first pass you almost want to dismiss the book because it seems too simple. It basically recommends you use checklists. Dismissing it would be a mistake. You’re taken on a journey through the process of surgical operations, the airline industry and venture capital investors. All complex areas where the intelligent adoption of checklists have led to significant transformations. I can’t think of many areas where the use of checklists can’t have such a powerful impact.

It resonated deeply because I’m already a fan of checklists and use them daily to make sure I’m being at my most productive both at work and at home (more on that later on in this newsletter in relation to the Thrive Life Summit).

The second book is Deep Work by Cal Newport. The subtitle is Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World which pretty much says what it does. It’s brilliantly written and makes the case that one of the most important superpowers we need to nurture is to be able to work deeply. You’re then taken on a very practical journey to develop your own work philosophy and how to implement it.

Combine these ideas together of Checklists and Deep Work and you have some powerful insights for developing habits and routines that can substantially change what you do and the results you get.

Tip:  Take ideas from lots of different places and use them to come up from fresh ideas. Reading widely keeps your mind fresh and open.

Book Inspiration

Looking for fresh ideas for reading material. Here’s what Europe's top investors are all reading this summer. If you want to know what’s influencing someone its a great idea to watch what they read, what they listen to, who they spend time with. For entrepreneurs wanting to seek investment, there will be some great insights here.

The Comfort Zone

Which zone are you living in?

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In the Spotlight

Loved this post in our Inner Circle from Sam Morris this week. Sam attended our Thrive Money Summit in February. She runs a business teaching people how to paint cows and came to the event looking for ideas to grow. She is creating some amazing results and its brilliant to see it all happen as she scales her business.

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Be a Better Leader

Why Family First Matters

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Thought of the Day

So often we are trained to look for only what is wrong, not what is right. Build those around you by noticing whats going well and encouraging more of it.

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— Matt Austin - Head of People Experience, Reward & Recognition at Deep Mind