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The Belief Myth

How often have we heard the advice that says “you’ve just got to believe”? It seems so tantalisingly simple.  You think to yourself, yes of course that’s right, yes I just need to believe this thing and it will happen.

When you’re struggling to figure something out, being told you’ve just got to believe can be the most frustrating and unhelpful advice there. 

If it was so easy, I’d already be doing it! The idea is perpetuated when we hear successful people being interviewed and they say things like “I just always knew - I always believed this would happen”.

Well that’s great for them, but what if you don’t feel that way? I know how I felt when I used to hear that advice: if that’s the best advice, then it doesn’t really move me forwards. In fact it just makes things worse because I don’t know how to “just believe”.

My idea is that belief isn’t something you are magically anointed with it and it just appears. For a select few people, perhaps it does. It certainly didn’t just appear for me. I had to create and manufacture my own belief.

It started with creating a story. A story of the future. A story that I got obsessive over and ingrained into my subconscious mind. A story that I spent so much time imagining that it literally became real in my mind. 

Tip: Creating belief is a process that takes time as you obsess and shape yourself and your team in order to make it happen. The starting point is a story that excites you. 


Reading a brilliant book this week which I got as a birthday gift. It's called Silence by Erling Kagge. It talks about where you find silence both internally an externally.

For me, it’s on the sea. 

Where do you go to find silence?

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In The Spotlight

Two interesting podcasts to share this week. 

The first one with David Lawrence on his Vine Resources show talking about what it takes to sell a business whilst sailing the world.

The second one with NYU Professor Josh Spodek, Leadership and the Environment. The truth with this one is this is the podcast I didn’t want to do. In fact I tried to cancel it because I hadn’t done what I have said I would. Josh encouraged me to come and share the stories anyway because it's a struggle that so many people face when looking at how we make a difference when it comes to the environment.

Up The Game

Why surrounding yourself with people smarter and playing at a higher level than you is such a good idea

  1. If you are curious and open minded, its virtually impossible to not learn something.

  2. It will do you no harm if you choose to focus on something you can do to add value to each person in that group.

  3. It’s scientifically proven that your brain waves get in sync and you benefit just from that alone.

  4. You’ll almost certainly get access to new opportunities that you wouldn’t have got before.

Tip: You get the life of the 5 people you spend most time with. Be strategic and deliberate about where you choose to spend your time.

Thrive Life Summit

It’s less than a month away. The final event I will be running this year. How to Thrive both at home and at work by creating the story that excites you. 

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It will be super practical ways to make it happen and avoid the guaranteed pitfalls and roadblocks on the journey.

It’s going to be the best one yet. Packed with all the new research and ideas I’ve been developing.

It’s been my birthday this week and I’m feeling the birthday love. For the next 48 hours, the price is discounted from £795 to just £495+vat per person.

It comes with a risk free guarantee: From the feedback and reactions from previous attendees, we know and see the impact this event has. Don’t just take my word for it. If by the end of Day 1, you’re not delighted you’ve made the right choice to attend, I’ll happily refund every penny.

The date - September 16 and 17.

The event details are here

Reply to this email to see if we still have places available.

If you’re ready after the summer to grab hold of life and make things happen in your world, then this is for you

Be a Better Leader

Prepare for the Storm - How do you develop resilience and prepare for adversity? Here's the formula...

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Thought for the Day

At times in my career I've overly focused on work to the detriment of home life. Be wary of neglecting what's important to you outside work.

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Having very recently booked Caspar for one of my high profile client engagement events, I cannot recommend him highly enough. His talk was extremely engaging and exciting whilst at the same time delivering some key messages on winning teams which were so relevant for the audience. If you want a speaker who will make people listen and engage, Caspar is the one!
— Holly Ainger - Acting Marketing Director/Head of Marketing - B2B at Nuffield Health