The Path to Purpose

From the Desk of Caspar

The Path to Purpose

The most motivating thought is that one day you won’t be here.

You are here right now.

You can have an impact. 

Don’t be shy.

Don’t dim your light.

Share your enthusiasm and joy with the world.

One day, you’ll be looking down at your toes. And just before you draw your final breath, you’ll ask yourself:

“Have I made the most of my life? The most of the gifts, talents, energy and capability to learn”

If the answer’s no - you’ll likely be brassed off.

Quit messing around. Get clear on your purpose. Forget what others think.

Go do.

Tip: The time is now. Find something you enjoy. Build skills. Get on with it. 

It’s the Economy Stupid

Brilliant read this week: Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath.

It’s all about finding the core of your idea. Find the single core that runs through everything. Packed with examples - one of my favourites is from the Bill Clinton election campaign where out of the many messages the one that stuck actually happened by accident where someone scribbled it on a white board as an internal joke”

“It’s the economy stupid”.

It became the defining message of his campaign and summarised the single core idea.

Tip: In your story for your personally, for your family story, for your business story what’s the single core message that runs through everything.

In the Spotlight

An interview this week with Hilary from speaker agency, the Brand Activators talking about things ranging from earliest business ventures to a day in the life of and Dad’s taxi service.

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Back to School

And it’s back to school this week… the autumn speaking season kicking off with 2 keynotes this week.

First up is Members Only UK for recruitment leaders where I’m sharing the stage with some brilliant speakers, Jamil Qureshi, Jim Lawless and Tom Morley.

It’s great to see "Where The Magic Happens" working its magic in advance of the event.

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Thrive Life

Join me for 2 days to uncover the 11 steps to make your life more meaningful. 

My last open event this year. It will be focused, fun and you’ll leave with energy, purpose, inspiration and a cohort of like minded people on a journey to thrive at work and at home.

It will contain brand new material, stories, research and practical workshop exercises that I’ve been developing and researching for my new book as well as some of the most powerful techniques we’ve developed from past workshops.

Be a Better Leader

It’s all about the people. I’m at the start of the 2019-2020 Clipper Race. Here’s to a safe, fast and fun race.

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Thought for the Day

When you embrace your flaws they lose their power over you. Stare hard at your weakness and figure out what keeps tripping you up. Face it head on and figure out a way around it.

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What started out as an interesting story about making a life-changing decision to sail around the world with a young family turned into something much deeper for our team. People opened up to him about their own families and goals, their hopes and fears, and the light bulb went off: our personal values and purpose aren’t necessarily separate from those of our organization—in fact, they should be complementary. If not, the notion of a satisfying professional and personal life will remain elusive.
— Gavin Geminder - National Sector Leader - Private Equity KPMG USA