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The Next Mountain

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"There is always another mountain to climb"

One of the most common questions I get at talks is what do you do after you've had "the adventure of a life time".

My answer is simple.

It was never the adventure of a lifetime.

It was a stepping stone.

There is always something beyond.

There is always another mountain to climb, an ocean to sail, a business to build, a mission to take on.

We are not designed to stand still.

We are designed to take on challenges. To struggle. To fail. To learn. To keep moving forwards.

What's your next mountain?

Tip: We all need a goal to be striving towards. It’s the struggle that we learn from and shapes our character.

In the Spotlight

Super fun interview with Hala Taha on the Young and Profitable podcast this week sharing stories around how clear values and better collaboration can improve you personal and professional lives.

And great to be one of the entrepreneurs featured in the guide published by the Supper Club - “The Exit Journey: Preparing for Scale, Sale, and Beyond” where founders share stories and insights on how they’ve built and sold their businesses.

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Refuse to accept Mediocrity

This is perhaps one of the most powerful interviews I've watched in a long time.

David Goggins has gone to lengths virtually all of us would find unthinkable.

How he describes his mindset and approach is truly fascinating.

(strong language warning too)

Tip: Always be learning and find people who you can model and learn from.

Don’t Miss The Boat

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Unless we said we were leaving on a boat on August 1st 2014, we would have found reasons to delay. And we'd still be living the same life we were before.

On Feb 11, 12 and 13 we will be sharing the ideas and strategies we used to create multiple successful ventures that created the money that we didn't have before.

If money stands in the way of your dreams, you need to be at this event.

Don't miss the boat.

Secure your place here.

Tip: Nothing ever happens without a deadline. What deadlines do you have in your world?

Be a Better Leader

Remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint (and a touch of humour too)

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Thought for the Day

"We only have one life. Make yours a masterpiece."

Upcoming Adventures

January 23 - Keynote, Cambridge

January 24 - 2 Keynotes, London

January 26 - Keynote, Oxford

February 1 - Keynote, Rome

February 5 - Keynote, Edinburgh

February 6 - Keynote, Ascot

February 7 - Leadership Workshop, London

February 11-13 - Thrive Money 3 Day Summit

There is no greater reward for what I do now than getting messages like this. This was an email from a Primary School HeadMaster in the Middlesborough area ..

”Caspar, I was with you yesterday morning, and would just like to see how inspired I was by your story and how you drew so many valuable lessons for us all from it.

Your book has landed on my desk (Amazon Prime is a great thing) and I spent time last night sharing your story with my wife and children. There are so many metaphors for professional life, but what chimes most with me is that we have one life and we need to seize all opportunities to make it wonderful for ourselves and family.
Thank you.”