Are you getting enough?

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Are you getting enough?

How many hours sleep do you get?

“The number of people who can survive on 6 hours sleep or less and feel no ill effect rounded to a whole number and expressed as a percentage is precisely zero”

That's from Professor Matthew Walker from his brilliant book “Why We Sleep” {highly recommended}

There was a time when I was a so called sleep warrior surviving on 6-7 hours a night. I’m now a good 7-8.

The ideal target that science is showing is between 7 and 9 hours.

What’s your number?

Tip: Are you managing your sleep? Better sleep = Better performance.

In the Spotlight

It doesn't matter who is right. It only matters what is right..jpg

In the spotlight this week was Nichola Craven interviewed on BBC Radio Oxford talking about the impact of Brexit on business.

“Where The Magic Happens” was profiled as one of the “must read books” for 2019 by US based Practical Sailor Magazine. Here’s what they had to say:

“You find yourself in the middle of a promising career, with three kids, a mortgage, and another 30 years of work ahead before retirement, and the questions inevitably arise.

Is this all there is?

And if there is more, how the heck do we get off this train?

Craven combines an around the world travelogue with an insightful how-to guide for a family hoping to escape the gravity of the “normal” life.

A great read for the young family needing concrete advice.

Not read it?

Get the first chapter free here.

It’s also been a busy fortnight with 7 different speaking engagements - Matthew Siddell captured the sentiment at one in London with words and images right here.

Be a Better Leader

Why Leaders are overrated

Leadership tip of the week inspired by the gladiators at the Colosseum in Rome whilst dodging photobombers!

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Thought for the Day

There are few greater gifts that you can give yourself than space to think, pen and paper.

My wish for you today.

Find 10 minutes. Switch off your devices. Get pen and paper. Write. Think.

Enjoy the silence.

One tip to save you time

Who else has a backlog of books and audio books to read?

Here’s a shortcut.

Search for podcasts where the author is interviewed about the book.

You’ll get many of the key points in a dialogue rather than a monologue which I personally find easier to digest.

My latest one: the insanely brilliant Professor Matthew Walker on why we sleep in a 2 hour Joe Rogan interview.

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