An Impossible Decision

From the Desk of Caspar

Cromwell Hospital.jpg

I had a flashback last week.

I walked past the Cromwell Hospital in London.

It immediately took me back to May 2014.

I couldn’t walk.

10 weeks before “planned departure on our sailing adventures” and Mr Mendoza gave me my options.

He was a back specialist surgeon.

Option 1 - Back surgery and possible complications.

Option 2 - Delay our plans by a year and things might heal.

It was agonising.

No-one else can make a decision like that for you.

Remember this.

There is always a way.

We made 3 adjustments to our plan.

We found a way.

I had the surgery.

We set sail in August 2014.

You either find a way or you make a way.

Tip: There is always a way forwards. You either find a way or you make a way.

In the Spotlight

This week, a podcast I recorded with the brilliant Chris Thompson from Wellers Accountants. I’m looking forward to speaking at one of their events later this month.

It’s all here.

And we had this beautiful message from Hilary who attended our recent Thrive Workshop.


What’s Coming Next

Over half term, we spent the week in San Francisco.

Whilst there we met up with some very dear friends who shared a glimpse of the future with us.

The future of gaming and virtual reality.

We got to play with the latest immersive technology in the world using games and literally flying around the world using Google Earth.

It’s stunning just how quickly noise fades into the background and you become immersed in the virtual world. To the point I almost fell over as my foot “clipped” a mountain over the Himalaya’s.

Sometimes we become so immersed in our own worlds its important to look up and see whats coming next.

The only certainty is change and there is plenty more of that coming.

Here’s our 6 year old totally in her own world playing Virtual Reality games.

Leadership tip of the week

Why personal fulfilment leads to greater business success (and greater purpose in your work).


Upcoming Adventures

March 6 - 10 - Courmayeur, Italy

March 13 - Thrive Workshop, London

March 15-16 - Leadership Workshop, Northumberland

March 18 - Keynote London

March 21 - Keynote London

April 10 - Thrive Workshop, London

April 12-14 - Keynote, South Africa

Wow! His story was inspiring. Delivered with great passion, humility and openness.
He captured the imagination of the audience, and translated his journey into a series of credible and recognisable business messages. Absolute pleasure to listen him and to learn from him
— Mike Blackburn OBE