What's your Story?

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What’s your Story?

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Last night I was reading a bedtime story (it was the Royal Rabbits of London) to our 6 year old.

I was as engaged with the adventures of the rabbit Shylo as she was, wanting to learn about his character, his ups and his downs, and the mission he was on.

I reflect.

What is it about the power of a story that engages us all?

From our earliest years we are taught through the power of story.

It’s innate to all of us.

It’s an easy and engaging way to take on information.

If done well, its exciting and creates the space for powerful messages to enter and stay in our minds.

So, if story telling is so powerful, why don’t we do more of it in all areas of our lives?

Maybe because we don’t give it the time, attention or importance that it needs?

Here’s 4 areas where I believe you can fundamentally influence your world by using the power of story.

Create your own personal story.

Create your relationship story.

Create your family story.

Create your business or mission story.

A story. Simply told. Stays in your mind (and that of others).

And if its powerful enough, can quite literally change the direction of your life.

Creating a story is something we can all do.

But so often we don’t.

Why not start 2019 with a blank sheet of paper. Create, craft and weave the story that excites you (and those in the teams around you). And then go create it.

(and if you want to put rocket fuel into your stories, we literally have some of the best story tellers you are likely to meet running sessions at the Thrive Money Summit in London - details later in this email)

Tip: Creating a story in all areas of your life that guides, direct and influences you could be the most powerful you ever do (it was for us).

In the Spotlight

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Over the New Year period, it’s been lovely to see our book Where the Magic Happens appearing on so many reading lists and review of the year lists (like this one from Dylan Brits in Cape Town along with 10 things he learnt in 2018).

It’s been a busy period recording podcasts too - here’s three of the latest where Caspar had been featured over the past week or so.

On the 3 Blind Mice Podcast, top speaking agent Maria Franzoni showcases 3 of her top speakers.

Former MD of L’Oreal, Minter Dial interviewed Caspar for the second time on his podcast (the first time was 6 years ago)

And the final one is on the Work Hard Play Hard podcast talking about how to put family first in business.

Process Wins

How do you achieve what you want - in business, in life?

It’s not creating a unique idea.

It’s not being the smartest person in the room.

It’s not being the best business mind.

It’s not being the most confident person.

It is being totally clear on what your goal is.

And then creating a process so that you put one foot in front of the other every day to move forward even when you don’t want to.

Tip: Get someone in your team (family and business) who owns the process of making things happen. It’s the only way to create sustainable growth.

…Might kill the boss…

Just one of the lines that stands out to me from this incredible documentary about Sir Richard Branson.

Here's the insanely cool bit about this.

The marketing genius behind Sir Richard's exploits was none other than Chris Moss.

Chris will delivering a keynote at our Thrive Money event on Feb 11, 12 and 13 on how entrepreneurs can disrupt and challenge their markets.

The insights and ideas that Chris has changed industries.

Watch the full documentary on Netflix (it's called Don't Look Down) to see what Chris did with Virgin.

Want to meet Chris and hear his ideas for your business?

Thrive Money Summit is the place to be.

Ticket prices go up soon.

Watch the Trailer here…

Secure Your Place here.

Tip: Learn from the best. Surround yourself with the smartest people you can.

Be a Better Leader

Why you won’t achieve your new years resolutions (and what to do about it)

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Thought for the Day

"Replace the joy of being right with the joy of learning what's true."

- Ray Dalio

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It is my privilege to commend Caspar Craven as an inspirational speaker.

I oversee the School of PiXL Leadership and Caspar led our 50 delegates and 12 Leadership Coaches on our Flagship ‘Exceptional Headteacher’ Programme.

In our conference Caspar helped us find how we become awesome, how to become exceptional. For our group this means daring to change, to take risks, to be bold, to embrace both success and failure.

What a way to end our residential Conference to be enthused and inspired by Caspar Craven, sending us off with a spring in our step and a determination to be the best Leader we can be!
— Jeff Dawkins School of PiXL Leadership