How to build an awesome team

From the Desk of Caspar

5 Ways to Build an Awesome Team (at Home or at Work)

Understand what each person wants. We all do things for our own reasons, not your reasons. Link each person's goals to the team goal.

Find each persons strengths. Make them stronger.

Genuinely care about each person and their development.

Identify the skills gaps as a team and figure out how to close them.

Celebrate little wins and enjoy them as a team. Small wins lead to bigger wins.

Tip: Always be thinking about how you can build a stronger team with those around you.

In the Spotlight

Personal development titan Brendon Burchard did a podcast episode featuring an earlier interview with us this week. The podcast is right here:

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Caspar spoke several weeks ago to the Managing Partners of a range of UK Professional Services Firms at The Strategy Summit. The write up for the Managing Partners Forum - its all here...

What Limits do you Impose on Yourself

Just imagine.

You have to solve 3 Rubik’s cubes in less than 5 minutes.

Whilst you juggle them.

The immediate reaction is of course it’s impossible.

This guy did it.

Hard work and perseverance. Relentless action.

Be a Better Leader

If two people disagree, don’t you want to know if it’s you that is wrong?


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Nichola and Caspar spoke at our financial year kick off event “The Purpose Driven Public Company”. They told a very powerful story of how a team bound by a powerful vision can achieve amazing things.
— Neal Gandhi - CEO and Co-Founder - The Panoply