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Clear Thinking

Just how distracted are we all? How much clear thinking do you really get?

An experiment I've been running for 2 weeks (which you might want to consider). It was inspired by a fellow speaker Ronan Harrington after speaking at the same event a couple of weeks ago.

I switched off all notifications on my phone...

WhatsApp (probably the worst offender)







Any apps which send out alerts.

Result = Significantly less distractions.

Had my productivity gone up? Probably. In truth I’ve not been totally scientific about it and I still feel "the lure" of checking in on my phone.

Give it a go. It takes a few minutes to set up in the Notifications setting (on an iPhone and I’m sure it's similar on Android).

In an attention deficit world, it can only help.

Tip: We get our best and clearest thinking when we minimise distractions. Be intentional about how you use your time.

In the Spotlight

As seen in the Daily Telegraph this week:

How do you keep a business the right size? “Create a clear story as a family team of what you want your lives to look like”. The article is on the challenge of sustaining business growth …

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 09.18.43.png

Also in the spotlight...

Nichola (my brilliant wife) and I delivered our first shared keynote this week. We were speaking at the annual kick off for newly IPO’d technology services business The Panoply. They are raising the bar on what it means to be a “Purpose Driven Public Company”. A brilliant and super engaged company and audience and great fun to be part of their day.

Caspar and Nichola.jpg


In this brilliant clip of Steve Jobs, he shares two things on what you need to be successful. One is around Passion. The other is around people if you want to grow an organisation capable of running without you.

If creating an organisation capable of running without you is something you would like, we have created a 12 week course that takes you through exactly what you need to do.

Tip: Fill your world with the most powerful influences of people who’ve already got the results you would like.

Be a Better Leader

Leadership of the week inspired by Alan Turing. He went to work on Enigma, the crypto device used by the German Navy because it was deemed too hard and no one else was working on it.

What’s the biggest challenge in your organisation / world / life and who’s working on it?

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