What's the cost of a divorce?

From the desk of Caspar


That’s the average cost of a divorce.

I’ve lost track of the number of friends who’ve lost marriages and relationships because they’ve been so focused on building a business or building a career.

We almost became one of those statistics.

My model of the world was this...

Build a business/ career.
Sell the business.
Make loads of money.
Then go spend time with family.

Here’s how that played out...

I was working 16-18 hours a day.
Not making the money.
Relationship under pressure.
Not seeing Nichola and the kids.
It was pretty rubbish.

It all changed when we put family first and went deep into understanding what we as a family truly wanted in life.

AND then we reverse engineered our life to make that happen.

That changed everything.
Changed our wealth.
Changed our relationship.
Changed how we live and spend time with our children.

We took 5 years to figure this out. 5 tough years with a lot of mistakes. We want to give you the short cuts.

We are intending to run only one more 2 day workshop in 2018. It will be on 11th and 12th September. 

The Outcome?

Build the business or career you want without feeling like you are sacrificing family and relationships.

Want to know more?

Here's the details

In the spotlight

It’s been a big 2 weeks in sport. The Football World Cup and the tennis at Wimbledon.

England surprised everyone by reaching the semi-finals - much further than anyone expected.

I was featured in this article by the Telegraph talking about what leaders can learn from England football manager Gareth Southgate.

Tip: Build on your group’s natural strengths, energy and enthusiasm, and get each member to be the very best that they can be.

The Dad’s Camping Weekend

Last weekend, I cancelled a potential business opportunity.


It was the Dad's camping trip with my daughter's local school - the prospect of toasted marshmallows with my little one wasn’t something to miss.

Remember, we only get 18 summers with our children before they leave home.

Tip: Put family first in the diary, then build your business/ career/ mission around the people that are most important in your world.

Willow Climbing.jpg

Setting Sail

Building a fresh team.

One of the most exciting things about building a team is when you have a new team forming together.

There is possibility, uncertainty, talent and excitement.

This weekend I'm setting sail on our sailboat Aretha from San Francisco to Mexico with a team of people who have not met each other before (they are all friends of mine but are unknown to each other).

We'll be at sea for some 600 miles and the forecasts are promising both light winds and strong winds (that's the picture of our expected wind patterns).

It all starts with a clear story of making a safe happy and fast passage and getting clear on where we are going exactly (much like a business).

Boat driving.jpg

Be a better leader

Today’s quick leadership tip of the week from the sea in San Fransisco

Thought for the Day

Small victories lead to big victories. Celebrate the little things to create a winning feeling.

Upcoming Adventures

July 22 - Set Sail to Mexico

August 2 - TV Filming, LA

August 10 - Keynote Speaker, Long Beach, CA

August 29 - Keynote Speaker, San Francisco

September 4 - Keynote Speaker, London

September 10-11 - 2 Day Thrive Workshop, Surrey

September 18 - Speaking Event, London

September 20 - Book Event, London

September 22 -23 - Speaking Event, London

September 27 - All Day Thrive Workshop, Peak District

October 6,7 - Keynote Speaker, Nottingham

October 18 - Thrive Workshop, London

Keynote was outstanding. More than 500 people attended this event and everyone loved him!
— Agnese Žagata - Business conference organiser