School's out (and your Adventure Challenge)

From the desk of Caspar

Schools are about to break up for the summer.

Classic double edged sword for an entrepreneur.

Kids are going to be around. That equals short tempers and distractions when you are trying to get on with work.

Customers and prospects are starting to disappear so signing deals slows right down.

Your family are planning to be away for two weeks and you can only make one of the two weeks.

AND figuring out to how manage cashflow during the summer months and pay all the bills.


Lovely weather (hopefully)

Time with the family (some),

And some downtime.

The days of a salary check come rain or shine not quite the same for an entrepreneur.

I've been there.

Want to figure out how to build that business that can run without you.

A business that lets you sit on a boat for 2 years and is more profitable than when you are not present?

A business that means you get to spend more time. Not Less time. 

With whoever really matters to you in life.

You need to come and join our THRIVE WORKSHOP.

If you don't plan your business and life, no-one else will.

We are intending to run only one more 2 day workshop in 2018. It will be on 11 and 12th September.

Details are all here

In the Spotlight

Last week I busted my son, Columbus out of school for the day. 

The reason? to go and spend 2 hours with Sir Tim Smit, Founder of the Eden Project and The Lost Gardens of Heligan.

Columbus is fascinated by the natural world: we spend time talking about the the 17 different types of Rhubarb. Who knew?

Tip: When opportunities to learn and spend time with inspiring people come along, you learn to grab them with both hands and do whatever it takes to make them happen.

Columbus and Sir Tim Smit.jpg

Back in time

Last Saturday I was in Plymouth. I was there speaking at my old school for their Speech Day.

It then hit me like a train. It was 28 years ago that I left there. 28 years. 

Where did that time go?

Here’s what it made me think. Time goes by in a heartbeat. And so much of the time we grapple with the minutiae of life. My wife calls it “living 1 cm away from our faces”.

We spend some much time in the weeds we forget to see the big picture.

And then you find out that 28 years have slipped by.

In another 28 years that’s a lot more life that will have gone by.

What would you do if you put family first and then decided to build your career, your business, your mission around what truly matters to your family.

Don’t let life slide past you and one day wake up saying where did those 28 years ago. 

Grab hold of it right now and make it happen.

We only get one shot at this thing called life - do everything you can to make it the very best that it can be.

Don’t walk. Run. Go make things happen.

P.S. If you are wondering what the photo is, its my old school gym where I sat my A Levels. A reminder that the skills I most needed in life were all the ones I developed after I left school.

My old school.jpg

Be a Better Leader

The glue to make great teams stic

Today’s quick leadership tip of the week (complete with the Tahitian shirt!)

Thought for the Day

"If you do the same as everyone else, the best you can expect is the average result."

Your Weekend Adventure Challenge

It’s summer time. We thought we’d have some fun.

We want to set you and your family a Weekend Adventure Challenge.

Over 5 days we’ll be giving the 5 steps to create your own amazing family adventure weekend.

Want to play?

Here’s Nichola and me talking about the idea.

Upcoming Events

July 12 - Keynote Speaker, Malta

August 16 - The next sailing adventure begins…

August 2 - TV Filming, LA

August 10 - Keynote Speaker, Long Beach, CA

August 29 - Keynote Speaker, San Francisco

September 10-11 - 2 Day Thrive Workshop, Surrey

September 18 - Speaking Event, London

September 20 - Book Event, London

September 22 -23 - Speaking Event, London

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