What do you allow to influence you?

There’s a great saying that you get the life of the 5 people you spend most time with. 

I like to draw extreme examples to really understand something. Imagine that the 5 people you spend most time with are the likes of Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Bill Gates. What would your life look like? Would you be full of ideas, how to make the world a better place and making things happen. Would you be more focused and make things happen? If those people don’t float your boat, pick the 5 people you’d find most inspiring and ask the same question.

Imagine the other extreme. The 5 people are low energy people who do nothing to contribute to society and are all about taking rather than giving. What would your life look like then?

Clearly neither extreme is realistic - the point is deliberately extreme.

Do you consciously think about who you spend most time with. Are they people who lift you up and give you energy? Or are they people who take from you and bring you down and constantly find what is wrong in any situation.

It’s not just people. What you read and consume - social media, books, magazines and so on. What are the things that you see everyday that influence you on a conscious and subconscious level?

Do you make a conscious decision about what you allow to influence you. Things as simple as the pictures and images that you have in your house - things that you see every day influence you and what you think.

I gave a talk this week on the concept of designing your life. In it I simply shared three stories of things that we did to consciously, deliberately and intentionally design our lives as a family team. The feedback was very insightful. It clearly struck a chord with at least some of the audience. Encouraged by this, my wife, (Nichola) and I decided to create a day long workshop called Design Your Life. In it, we will cover the approaches we used and specific practical things we learnt to consciously and deliberately design our lives so that we could create the wealth and change our lives so that we could sail around the world. We were overbooked within a few hours of putting it out there. Based on the feedback we get, and if we feel we are adding real value to other people, we may look to do more of these. 

The question I’d encourage you to reflect on is what is it that you allow to influence you. Are you making those choices for your life or are they simply happening to you?


Caspar was our motivational speaker at our EMEA launch event. He totally delivered the goods and I’d hire him again in a heartbeat
— Barrie Desmond - COO - Exclusive Networks