Stop. Take a moment to notice…

Notice what exactly?

What do you notice when you stop and pause for a moment?

I’m talking about that thing where the world is trying to give you a message but you’re just not hearing it.

    •    In a business where you keep doing the same thing and are frustrated because you expected a different result.

    •    In a relationship, where you keep doing the same thing and getting the same outcome.

    •    With your kids where you keep getting cross with them for the same thing

The answer for me is what I call living in reality. Seeing things as they are. Not better. Not worse. Just as they are.

Notice and listen to the message. What messages is the world sending you. 

If you keep bashing your head against the same thing and not getting anywhere, what does that tell you?

Maybe that you have to try something different?

I have a short story

5 or 6 weeks ago, I stopped.

I’d started to notice a pattern. Patterns are super important. They are clues to figuring things out.

I noticed in virtually all my conversations, someone asked me “do you do any coaching?”. 

I’ve had multiple coaches myself over the past 10 years but I’d never imagined myself as a coach.

Once I noticed, I stopped saying no and I started saying YES.

Without seeking it in the following few weeks, I found myself coaching three energised and ambitious businesses/ leaders who wanted to achieve more.

I surprised myself when I realised how much I enjoyed it. 

To be able to enter someones world from a high level perspective and see the wood for the trees is rewarding when with a few small nudges you can send them in a direction that gets them significantly closer to where they want to be. You truly feel you can have an impact.

It sealed the deal this week when I got some messages from my coaching clients which read:

“Hi Caspar….the value dial on our largest client has steam coming out of the dial!  …. mega exciting …this is our million pound account”

The context for our coaching was how did this business grow and double their size by winning their first million pound account.

In another message:

“I wanted to update you on the strategy you suggested. I did it with a potential new client last week and I thought she was going to cry she was so touched”

What’s my message for you

Just stop and listen.

What messages is the world giving you?

Spot the patterns and act on them.

Even if you are wrong and misread the messages, your actions will take you in a different direction and you’ll discover and learn new things so you can keep adapting your course.

Finishing my story

For me, although, I’ve a good amount going on with Keynote speaking, start ups and existing roles, I’m carving out space to coach just 5 clients. 3 of those spaces have gone, so I have 2 spaces left.

The ideal profile of someone who’d benefit from my coaching them would be:

1) A business leader who wants to make an impact on the world. Someone with drive who wants a sounding board from someone who has been there before, 


2) Someone who has exited their business and is looking for their next thing/ to reinvent themselves

If you’re open minded, want to move forward and interested, get in touch (07786 197622) and we it’d be great to speak to see if I can help you.

Have an awesome day, Caspar