The end of one Adventure. The start of another.

The date was 13th June 2009. The location. My sisters garden in Kent, England for her birthday party.

Ever since then over the past 7 years we’ve embraced every moment of this chapter of our lives. The 5 years of planning – the vision, the values, the excitement, the highs, the lows, the heartache, the agonising decisions, the seemingly adventure stopping obstacles thrown in our way and every imaginable emotion under the sun. Then the last 2 years of playing full out and living every moment of our dream. The highs and the lows – the magical and the scary.

We’re now less than 300 miles from the final destination of this chapter of our lives. It will be a strange moment when we dock in San Francisco and draw a line under this chapter. It will be with sadness to close one door and at the same time reflect with happiness and a feeling of success on all the amazing life changing magical experiences we’ve shared as a family.

It will mark a new chapter. Experiencing life and school living in the vibrant city of San Francisco. It will mark new ventures and new beginnings. We’ve had some time now to plan what next which has been a big question for some time and something that we now have some answers to. To make our next adventures and plans comes to life, we’ll be using exactly the same formula and process that we used to make our sailing dream a reality. In no particular order;

– Nichola will be launching a stationery, organisation and accessories business. At this very early of development, this exists in the form of a place for her to share her ideas on how to be more organised and get more done. Its’ called Loose Paper and is on Facebook at

– I’ll be completing my book – tentatively called Jump Now. It’s our story of how we lived our dream and went from the seed of an idea and a struggling business to turning things around and making our dream come true. If there is interest and this takes off, then maybe some public speaking and training – both offline and online. I’ll plan to share exactly what we did to create financial freedom at the same time as make our dream a reality and our blueprint of how we made it happen.

– We’ll be launching our foundation dedicated to helping children who have been bullied – something that Nichola and I only really discovered we had in common on the many hours we spent together on our adventures.

– Together with Frank (who I sailed with 16 years ago on the BT Global Challenge and who is now sailing with us to San Francisco), we’ll be launching new ventures based in San Francisco.

I’ve loved writing and sharing our experiences with everyone who has been kind enough to follow us and we’ve all loved your kind words and feedback on what we’ve written. Thank you. It has been an extremely memorable part of our experience – every single message has been read to the whole crew and appreciated by all on board.

I have known Caspar for 16 years. He is inspirational to be with. He has a wealth of business experience and adventure. You should hire him as a speaker, he will change your view of life and what you can achieve.
— Paul Covell, Special Interest Lecturer