In the First Year of School Again


I’m feeling like a novice. Like when you start again at a new school and you’re the bottom of the pile and you need to figure out how things work. It’s a strange feeling and you find yourself asking for a lot of help.

A good friend of mine, Juliette Watt has a business called Third Act which helps people create new careers in the third act of their life. Her first was an actress, in her forties she decided to train and become a commercial airline pilot. In her 60’s she’s now launching again as a speaker and coach.

I’ve lost track of what Act I’m on now. I’ve done a few things. Commercial Fisherman. Accountant. Investment Banker. Online Entrepreneur. Data Analytics Business Owner. Sailor. Author. I could go on.

What I find starting out again is that it becomes easier. You’ve learnt the shortcuts and apply 80/20 thinking (read this). You find people who’ve done what you are wanting to do, you ask for advice, you offer help wherever you can, you learn voraciously about your new subject and you immerse yourself in it totally.

Being humble is a big part of it. When you realise you know F**k all about a new field, its a good strategy. 

Why do I do this? I love learning new stuff. I love connecting with people. I love sharing what I’ve learnt. It’s fun and I get a buzz from it.

So I guess my next act as a Keynote and After Dinner Speaker ties in well with that. It’s early days still and I’ve got a couple of gigs (as they are called) under my belt. Most recently as the After Dinner Speaker at a company event in London. It was very humbling to receive some glowing feedback and I feel the bar is set and some level of expectation now! 

For now, back to school. Learn. Make mistakes. Fall over. Get up again. Keep going. That stuff : )

Have an awesome day everyone.

Caspar, Out.


Caspar is a calm, thoughtful, innovative and inspirational leader

— Iain Nicol - CEO South of England Agricultural Society & Secretary of South of England Event Centre