When it doesn’t go to plan

From the desk of Caspar


What do you do?

I’m was in Mexico. Clearing customs. Waiting for 3 hours in stifling heat. Sent away twice for not having the right papers.

Specifically for not including middle names on the crew list.

The hand edits not enough.

It needs fresh forms from the other side of town. Copied 5 times. Bureaucracy at its finest. And no common language.

Do you throw your toys? Or think of it as feedback?

Their rules. Their language. I’m a believer in the Theory of Reality. No *it should be like this*.

Just deal with what you have. Patience. A smile. Some humour.

Some perspective {I wouldn’t envy his job in a suit in this heat filling in forms for people who don’t speak his language}.

Some humility. Some appreciation.

And remembering that life is what happens to us and what we make of it.

It’s all perspective and feedback.

(Note: we finally got there after 5 hours!)

In the Spotlight

It’s been a busy two weeks of media activity.

I was interviewed for the TV show Impact Theory by Tom Bilyeu in LA. Previous guests have included Seth Godin, Tim Ferris and Gary Vaynerchuk. The episode airs on October 2nd.

Caspar and Tom.jpg

Alec Wilkinson (from Sky Sports) interviewed me on the Sailing Uncovered podcast - it was great fun - the full interview is here.

I also appeared in Quintessentially Magazine, an interview was published in KPMG’s latest newsletter and also in Latitude 38 Magazine in North America.

Simmering Summer Holidays

Summer holidays **should*** be a time for playing, laughing and enjoying life together as a family.

A time to create memories for you and your children.

That CAN happen. And it should. But it doesn’t always.

When we started our business and we first had children it DIDN’T in our world.

Together 24 hours a day.

Emails and telephone calls with work continued with snatched moments with the children.

Just as we were enjoying family moments the magic would be interrupted as we would be jolted back to reality with the emails pinging.

Instead of family being first and centre it would be telling them to be quiet, watch tv or give them the iPad in order to buy some quiet - getting irritable when they didn’t want to be quiet.

Simmering arguments were brought to the surface.

Ice Creams and Beach time would reduce them.

Evenings and a few drinks and often the same *long running sores* would come to the surface.

We think the kids didn’t know. But they did.

Kids always know and pick up on atmospheres and what’s really going on.

That was our story until the summer of 2009.

August 1st 2009, 9 years ago was a significant date in our world.

We set a date of August 1st 2014. That was the date we carved in stone into the diary. Unmovable. Like a rock.

We gave ourselves 5 years to change everything.

Our husband/wife relationship.

Our family time. Our wealth.

It wasn’t a tactic. It was a sea change in our philosophy. In our approach to life.

We literally turned life on its head and made the deliberate choice to think about things in a very different way.

It marked the start line.

The start of a 5 year journey ending on 1st August 2014.

The date when we said we would be setting sail from England as a happy contented family having easily created the wealth and transforming our relationships and lives.

That choice is available to every single person.

The choice to change how you look at life.

The choice to create a new shared story for your life.

From this point on, there are 3 choices:

  1. Carry on doing what you are doing. As one of my mentors says “if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got”
  2. Figure this out yourself (what we had to do - 5 years of making mistakes and hitting roadblocks and finding ways around them)
  3. Find someone to show you the short cuts and put you on the fast track

If you’re craving more.

More for your family. More fulfilment.

More wealth. Without the agony and the heartache.

Come and join us.

We are running only one more 2 Day Thrive Workshop this year. It’s on September 11 and 12. There aren’t many places left.

If you are ready to grab life by the scruff of the neck and change your wealth, relationships and family, this is for you.


Details are right here..

Teamwork at its finest - The Great Mexican Adventure - Part 1

It’s the midnight to 3am watch. The moon is full and the stars are sparkling in the sky. 

You can feel the boat lift as the next big wave barrels down from behind you and you square up as the white topped crest rolls forward. 

You feel the surge as she accelerates fast down the wave. The mechanical autopilot whirs into life and corrects the course as the boat reaches the bottom of one wave and readies for the next one.

We’ve been at sea for over 30 hours since passing underneath the Golden Gate Bridge and have just passed South of Point Conception. 

It’s one of the windiest points on American Pacific coast - affectionately called the Cape Horn of the Pacific Ocean.

We have a brand new crew assembled on board Team Aretha for this passage. 

Read the full blog here...

Be a Better Leader

Think Different: Today’s leadership tip of the week comes from the Mexico/ American border crossing.

Upcoming Adventures

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The most inspirational hour I’ve spent in a long time. Thank you Caspar
— Michelle Kilgore - Events Manager