Who needs some magic?

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Be More Sherlock

What can you learn by watching what you do?

Once in a while.

Just stand back and watch what you do.

Don’t think. Just watch and observe.

What do you tend towards?

What always gets done?

What doesn’t get done.

How do you fill your most productive hours in the day or night?

We so often fill our lives with ***shoulds***.

Where you spend your time naturally is quite a good clue as to what you might be doing more of and playing more to your strengths.

**said he after putting off writing the next presentation for the past hour to speak to people and write copy**.

Tip: Be more Sherlock. Look for the clues in your work and life. They are already pointing you towards what you most want to do.

In The Spotlight

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One of the core themes I talk about is applying business leadership principles at home. And using family principles in business.

Thrive in Family to Thrive in Business.

Thrive in Business to Thrive in Family.

This was a message that I shared in this Keynote at the Investor Growth Awards in London last week.

The Founder of the Awards, Guy Tolhurst is doing a brilliant role championing the role of investors to make sure that more attention is paid to this important area and specifically around mental health.

(... and on a personal note, I loved sharing supper and being intro'd on stage by MC Claudia Winkleman and following in the footsteps of Lord Bilamoria, founder of Cobra Beer who previously keynoted this event.)

How do you free climb 3,000 feet?

One of the big things with creating your goals is seeing it in your mind before it happens.

Those who’ve been on our training programs or past courses will already by familiar with the "Theatre of the Mind" exercise. It’s a specific approach to rehearse the future.

This TED talk provides a brilliant insight into the use of this technique with free climber Alex Honnold talking about his 7 years of preparation for the biggest free climb (no ropes) in the world.

The climbing material will have you on the edge of your seats.

The mental preparation is something we all can and should be using.

There are no overnight successes.

Just lots of preparation, clarity of focus and hard work to get there.

Always be learning.

Fired up by my 11 year old son’s fascination with drones I'm seeing them everywhere now.

Here's a great article on what drone technology can learn from wasps »

One of the biggest things to shift my business was learnings definitely outside my sector.

Being exposed to a wide range of ideas and inspiration and applying them to your world is SO powerful.

Tip: What ideas can you take from outside your sector to create breakthrough thinking?

Who needs some magic?

A slew of book reviews this week including my two favourite being on the recommended Christmas list in the RNLI Magazine, and Professional Marketing Magazine.

Here’s what Simon Slater, CEO of City Law Firm Pemberton Greenish had to say:

“This is a book about the human spirit.

Why review this book in PM (Professional Marketing) Magazine?

Simple: it is an analogy for business"

PM Forum Book Review.jpg

Who do you know who’d love to unwrap some business and life inspiration as a Christmas Gift?

You can get the book right here.

Be a Better Leader

The heart of leadership

Leadership isn’t a title. It isn’t something you are awarded. It’s something you simply demonstrate and this one simple tip is right at the heart of being a great leader.

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Thought for the day

No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars.

Or sailed to an uncharted land.

Or opened a new doorway for the human spirit.

- Helen Keller

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It’s a great story and the book is really, really good. I was so impressed. It’s brilliant.
— Steve Wright, BBC Radio 2