Why do it now? The power of urgency

Why do it now?

One of the biggest issues that we all face is the question of Urgency. Whether you are a busy executive looking to drive growth, you have a project on, or you want to make something happen with your family, we all face the same issue at some time or another.


Delays. A lack of urgency.

Procrastination is the default for many people. It's not entirely surprising. Without a compelling reason or a deadline the reason WHY you should do it now isn't that strong. Particularly if it will cost you money, means you have to take a risk or step out of your comfort zone. If there isn't a strong reason forcing you do to something, it's easier to do something else. It's amazing how quickly time can be filled with the non-important and safe things to do.

Naturally, we all sit on both side of the equation at different points in our lives. We all have experiences of both. When we want someone to do something for us such as getting a builder to do some work on your house or a landlord to make repairs to a property yo u live in. When you want something done that depends on someone else, we've all experienced that frustration. Same thing at work - getting a team of people to hit deadlines.

When someone asks you to do something, we instinctively know whether it's something we love and want to do or something that is harder or involves more risk. Different things for different people.

For me, reviewing and going into detail on contracts means I'm less likely to be running towards it. If it involves being creative and new ideas I'm at the front of the queue. For others, it's the reverse.

So. How to practically deal with this? First off, make sure that whoever you are asking to do something, make sure that it's something they are well aligned to. The outcome will simply be better. Little point asking me to get involved in writing contracts. I won't race towards it and I won't be particularly good at it.

Second and my favourite. Nothing ever happens without a deadline. If you haven't got one, create one and make it real. Why do so many people complete their tax return in t he last week of January?

Simple, there is a 31st January deadline with a fine if you miss it. Filling in a tax return involves paying money and doing some work. No one wonder people put it off until the last minute. Imagine if there wasn't a deadline. I'm pretty certain that a large proportion of the population would never complete a tax return!

What do you want to get done? What are the reasons why it isn't happening? Is the right person working on it and do you have a deadline are probably the two most important questions you want to start with.

Caspar shared his amazing story with current members who have recently exited their businesses..

The value came from the story of the planning.

Overall agreement was that regularly reviewing your life purpose was incredibly important, especially if you run your own business!

Thank you Caspar - Brilliant.
— EJ Packe - Managing Director at Prelude