How to make Vision, Mission and Values Stick (and Caspar's latest news)

So I’ve been busy working with one company over the past few weeks. The topics have been around Vision, Mission and Values.

For years when I was working in Corporate World, this area was always a little bit of a mystery to me. It was always lots of words. Often crammed in on some matrix structure onto one page to get as much detail in as possible with lots of explanations.

There was a moment though when it came clear to me.

It all boiled down to simplicity.

Why was our vision to sail around the world with our children so powerful. Because it was simple. We could communicate it in a matter of seconds and other people could pass it on without losing or confusing the message.

Same thing holds true with successful companies. Simple powerful messages around making things better for the customer, solving real world problems. 

It doesn’t matter what you write on the piece of paper.

It only matters what you carry in your head and what you can simply and easily communicate to other people. 

Simple. Powerful. Emotional.


In other news, it’s a been a busy week. Some highlights:

- I’m thrilled to have signed a contract with Bloomsbury (the same publishers behind JK Rowling and Harry Potter) to write the book around how we changed our lives and sailed around the world;

- I’m due to speak twice at the Hero Round Table when it comes to London in May this year. I’m doing a 12 minute talk on Why My Children are My Heroes and also an hour long workshop on how to build a Hero Team (message me if you're interested and I can let you have a discount code. Places are limited and selling fast).

- I’m excited to have started working with the talented and focused team at Coterie Marketing as a Non Exec. 

Have an awesome week everyone and keep smiling,


Attended a talk at STREAM 2017 in Cape Town given by Caspar, and it was everything you need a talk about value-driven living and leadership to be. He engages the audience by sharing a personal account which all can relate to and offers a creative value-orientated route through it, harnesses input from the audience which enriches the experience, and facilitates such that the take-aways are immediately actionable. Yay for Caspar - he literally inspired us to try something new both at home and at work.
— Lea Esterhuizen Founder | &Wider