When I remember...

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I was standing on the rugby pitch touchline yesterday with a friend talking about the past week as we watched our sons playing a match.

The week had been successful for both of us. 

We reflected on why.

Very simply, it was when we remember to do the right things, amazing things happen. 

“When I remember….”

Remember to do what exactly?

All the things we’ve learnt over the years.

Important things like remembering to stop and appreciate what is all around us, remembering to think about other people and what is important to them, remembering to exercise, remembering to notice all the things that your partner does, and remembering to look after the people around us.

What caused me to remember….

I walked between meetings in London last week. Specifically between Trafalgar Square and the House of Lords. Walking by the River Thames, I stopped to look up and notice the amazing things of historical and architectural significance that are literally all around us. 

I simply stopped looking at my iPhone and looked up.

It reminded how many amazing things are all around us if we just take a moment to notice them.

I was at the House of Lords at the invite of Lord Stone and Lord Verjee to debate Virtuous Leadership led by a talk by Sri M. For several hours, we debated what virtuous leadership meant. Doing the right thing. Coming from a place of good intent. Being conscious of what we are doing.

It was a powerful reminder of what I believe we all instinctively know is the right thing do do.

When we remember.

None of these were new messages. 

The week before, I was flattered, thrilled and delighted to have been contacted by the TEDx organisers in Chelmsford to deliver a TEDx talk. My idea was “Why appreciation is the essence of humanity”. The key message being to focus on what is right rather than what is wrong and to build up the people around us by telling them what they are doing well and to build on their strengths.

New messages? Not really. It’s all just about remembering to do them.

What else?

I went running and went to Bootcamp.

I remembered to exercise.

What happened? 

I had more energy, felt better and got more done.

What else?

I took the time to notice all the things that my wife Nichola does juggling children, our building project and new ventures.

Rather than the things that she hadn't done.

What happened? 

We were more harmonious. We got more done. As a family we went out and had fun together.

Few people are learning this stuff. We’ve all heard it before. It’s just a case of remembering to do it.

What can you remember to do this week?

What have you done before that led to success in your world however you define it?

What can you remember to do?

Have an awesome week and I'd love to hear what you are going to "remember to do this week". Want to make it more real? Share in the comments below and I'm sure you'll help provide some ideas for others too.....