20th November 2016. Leadership, Lifelong Learning, TV, Radio and Surfing in Hawaii

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It’s 1540 Pacific Time. I’ve just arrived back on Aretha, our yacht in San Francisco and it feels good to be back on board what has been our home for the past 2 1/2 years.

I flew to America a few hours after it was announced that Donald Trump had just won the US Presidential Election. Much has been written and spoken about this in the intervening 12 days. We live in interesting times indeed and it remains to be seen what will evolve politically and culturally over the coming months and years.

One thing is certain in my mind. The world needs leaders now more than ever before. Leaders who come from a place of compassion, from a place of love, from a place of contribution and wanting to help others.

I’ve experienced some amazing things in those intervening 12 days.

First up was a 4 day Tony Robbins event with my good friend and business partner, Frank and his wife Bree. I’m a life long believer in always learning more and finding new ways to develop new skills and learn new things. This didn’t disappoint and we all came away with new skills, insights and lessons learning from the likes of Wim Hoff (The Iceman), Tony and Cuban rapper Pitbull. That and walking on fire - third time I’ve done it and no less nerve wracking that you’re about to walk on 2000 degree coals.

Next up was the first part of my speaking tour to Hawaii. Some 6 weeks ago I met the inspiring Robin Muto who together with her son Alex provide the energy and direction behind the Hawaii Leaders Core. An organisation focused on providing leadership training and skills to the youth in Hawaii. If ever there was a breeding ground for future leaders this is it and it was inspiring to meet young adults and children who’ve been through this and are providing leadership, energy and skills to give back to Hawaii and the world. 

In the course of my talking there, I spoke at 3 different schools and Robins healthcare practice. The response has been amazing and I’m looking forward to going back there again in the New Year to talk to more businesses and schools. After one school, I was humbled to receive 35 emails saying what impact my talks had on them. One of the emails I’ve attached below:

My name is xxx, I am in 7th grade and I really enjoyed watching you tell your story about how you sailed around the world twice. Personally, I don't think that I would sail around the world because I just think that it is way too dangerous and scary for me. During your presentation, you made me think about my dream of playing as an NBA basketball player, you taught me to no mater what, never give up. Your presentation really inspired me to work as hard as I can at what I really want to do, you taught me how to achieve this goal by first, making a plan, second, how am I going to do this and third, to never give up and to work as hard as possible to achieve my goal. 

The momentum carried us forward also to an hour long radio interview and an hour long TV Chat Show interview. Both will be aired in the coming weeks. It was a huge amount of fun and I loved every moment.

I met some amazing people with big hearts willing to contribute to the world and keen to learn. It was magical and I can’t wait to go back. I even managed to squeeze in my first surfing lesson (I caught my first wave), some bodyboarding and some amazing food.

I feel optimistic for the future. I see the leaders of the future at times like these and the mindset and spirit to deal with whatever arises and move on. We live in interesting times and our world’s leaders will show themselves for certain.

Now it's back to planning presentations to some of the most inspiring businesses and their leaders in the coming days here in San Francisco, Iceland, Cape Town and London. Life is certainly an adventure and I feel privileged to be connecting with so many amazing people who all share the same thing. They all want to grow, learn and be better leaders.

Caspar, back in San Francisco, Out.


“Attended a talk at STREAM 2017 in Cape Town given by Caspar, and it was everything you need a talk about value-driven living and leadership to be. He engages the audience by sharing a personal account which all can relate to and offers a creative value-orientated route through it, harnesses input from the audience which enriches the experience, and facilitates such that the take-aways are immediately actionable. Yay for Caspar - he literally inspired us to try something new both at home and at work. “
— Lea Esterhuizen - Founder &Wider