I often wonder why family is so rarely spoken about in business. In my speeches, I reveal to my audiences a rarely discussed 'secret to success' for business and for families, that involves applying work values to home and applying home or family values to work, to the betterment of both.

My audiences come away empowered to thrive and live their best lives both at work and at home”.

I believe we all need to build two teams, our work team and our home team. And despite my particular experience, you do NOT have to quit your job and set sail around the world to make this happen! If I can build a winning team with my wife and children (even a 2 year old) and at the same time a fast growth technology business, I can help you build a team.

My speeches combine the power of inspiring unforgettable stories which deliver insightful yet simple truths, so that everyone can leave with a skip in their step and ideas they can action immediately.

My core speech, Charting Success, 8 Steps to Building Winning Teams delivers powerful business messages weaving in experiences from family, from sailing twice around the world and from building multiple successful ventures.

I show audiences how to be resilient amid problems and uncertainties because both boats and business and life are fraught with problems and surprisingly, the application of family values can help you survive any crisis.

The core messages I cover in my 8 Steps are:

1) Write your Bold Story of the Future

2) Create a Culture of We, Not Me

3) Ingrain Growth Habits and Rituals

4) Focus on the Biggest Impact

5) Build People - A Happy Team is a Fast Team

6) Live your Values

7) Innovation under Pressure

8) Create Belief

My core message can be adapted and customized to suit your audience and the focus can be changed to address different but highly related topics including:

Team Dynamics in a Changing World

Transform the Culture in your Business

Embrace the Storm - How to Build Resilient Teams

Thrive - Build your Thriving Teams

Autonomy - How to Build a Business Capable of Running Without You

Life is Tough: Together we are Tougher

Caspar is the very first speaker I’ve seen who talks about work and family in the same breath. His approach is honest and humane. What I got from Caspar is the human endeavour, belief, exploration, creativity, application, bravery, drive to survive and thirst for knowledge that if harnessed in a work environment can achieve amazing results.
— Jon Waters - CEO Demolish the Wall
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Wow! His story was inspiring. Delivered with great passion, humility and openness. He captured the imagination of the audience, and translated his journey into a series of credible and recognisable business messages. Absolute pleasure to listen him and to learn from him. Thank you Caspar.
— Mike Blackburn, OBE

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