Inspirational Keynote Speaker for Schools

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Caspar keeps one third of his time available for speaking to schools at significantly reduced rates. This is an important area for Caspar. Having home schooled his children for two years, he appreciates the value that the teaching profession brings and how vital getting fresh thinking into the education system is.

Caspar speaks at a variety of education events which include:

  • Direct to pupils (ages 7-18) at School Speech Days, Duke of Edinburgh Awards and for Inspiring Speaker Programs

  • Teaching Staff at Schools

  • HeadTeachers Conferences.

Caspar gets invited when the organiser wants a speaker to bring fresh perspective, ideas and inspiration. He shares stories from working in large companies in professional services, as an entrepreneur building and selling businesses and from his adventures sailing twice around the world.

If your school (pupils or staff) or event needs something different that will leave a powerful lasting impression, something that weaves in your relevant teamwork and inspirational messages with adventure and family stories, then Caspar will make an impact for you.

Here’s what other schools and event organisers have said about Caspar speaking:

Direct to Pupils

Caspar speaks regularly for schools like Abingdon School, The Leys School. Plymouth College and LVS Ascot and receives testimonials like these:

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To School Staff

Caspar is also invited to come to speak to staff groups and regualry receives testimonials like these:

Dear Caspar. Thank you so much for coming to speak to my staff today. Your talk was incredibly inspirational and, at the same time, had really practical advice for all of us, in our professional and personal lives.

Additionally this was balanced with the just right amount of humour to make the talk entertaining as well as very motivational.

So many staff have commented that it was the best presentation they had heard. I look forward to having you return in the near future. To anyone reading this I suggest that you arrange for Caspar to speak to staff in your organisation.

I recommend him to you in the highest possible terms.
— Stefan Anderson, Principal, Tring Park School for the Performing Arts, Hertfordshire, England

At Schools Conferences

Caspar is a sought after conference speaker for Head Teachers and School Leaders and regulary gets feedback like this:

We recently booked Caspar for our local authority Senior Leader Conference having had the pleasure of seeing his Keynote speech at Schools Northeast earlier this year.

He delivered 2 sessions for us; the first a workshop with Headteachers and the second a keynote to 100 senior leaders from different schools across the authority.

Both sessions were expertly pitched to the audience and offered the opportunity for colleagues to really consider their roles within their wider organisations.

More importantly, there was an authenticity to Caspar and his delivery, creating a real sense of the impact that focused, resilient and creative leadership can have. I have now seen Caspar speak on 3 separate occasions and have not been disappointed.

He tailors his sessions to the audience and in the workshops we were most definitely challenged to think creatively and examine our impact within our roles.

The feedback from the session has been overwhelmingly positive:

‘Really engaging and interesting speaker - clear presentation structure with useful 8 steps clearly applicable to education and our leadership content.’
‘Excellent very interesting into the 8 characteristics.’
‘I Admired Caspar’s drive, vision and determination‘
‘Served as a reminder about the value of having goals even if at the time they seem big and unachievable.’
‘Excellent!!! An inspiring story of determination.’
— Tracy Crowder-Cloe - Head of Senior School, Repton Dubai
It is my privilege to commend Caspar Craven as an inspirational and fun speaker and presenter.

I oversee the School of PiXL Leadership and Caspar led our 50 delegates and 12 Leadership Coaches on our Flagship ‘Exceptional Headteacher’ Programme. ‘Flagship’ is pertinent as we shared in the Leadership lessons learned from his young family’s sailing around the world!

In his work: “Where the Magic Happens” Caspar outlines how their lives were radically shaken up by the idea to do something really different, to change and discover magic along the way.

In our conference Caspar helped us find how we become awesome, how to become exceptional. For our group this means daring to change, to take risks, to be bold, to embrace both success and failure.

What a way to end our residential Conference to be enthused and inspired by Caspar Craven, sending us off with a spring in our step and a determination to be the best Leader we can be!
— Jeff Dawkins - School of PiXL Leadership

Watch Caspar’s 1 minute opening video to see what Caspar talks about.