Inspiring Keynote Speaker for Customer Event/ User Conferences

Caspar speaks at Customer Events, User Conferences and Customer Success Forums where companies want a speaker to bring a fresh perspective, ideas and inspiration from someone who can deliver a specific outcome in line with their conference agenda and objectives.

Caspar shares stories from working in large companies in professional services, as an entrepreneur building and selling businesses and from his adventures sailing twice around the world.

If your event needs something different that will leave a powerful lasting impression on your customers, something that weaves in your relevant business messages with adventure and family stories, then Caspar will make an impact for you.

Here’s what other event organisers and decision makers have said about Caspar speaking at their customer / user conferences:

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We recently invited Caspar Craven to speak at the annual user conference for my company, Kareo. Caspar shared the lessons he learned through building a successful business while preparing for an extraordinarily audacious goal to sail around the world with his wife and three young children. It was an inspiring, uplifting, and enriching speech about leadership and life that made a profound impression on our customers, employees, and me. As a member of YPO, an international CEO organization, I’ve had the opportunity to hear many amazing speakers over the years and I think Caspar is among the best I’ve seen. I’m a big fan of Caspar and enthusiastically recommend him to leaders in business and community that want to create a unique and powerful experience at their next event.
— Dan Rodrigues - Founder and CEO Kareo

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I recently had the pleasure of attending a key note speech from Caspar at the WPM Annual Conference. His keynote speech was really inspiring and relatable to our busy careers. I would highly recommend him.
— Farhan Ali Finance Functional Expert - Kingston University

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Caspar’ Showreel Video - the 3 minute highlights..

We recently held a 3-day conference in Newport Beach with the theme “Setting Sail.” We engaged Caspar to be the closing motivational speaker. Having Caspar there sharing stories about his sailing adventures and applying those lessons to the business world was truly magical. Many attendees told me how fired up they were and many surveys included positive comments about Caspar
— Michelle Kilgore - Event Manager
I listened to Caspar yesterday as he outlined his journey around the world by yacht, with his very young family. Everything from the concept, planning and execution.
Wow! His story was inspiring. Delivered with great passion, humility and openness. He captured the imagination of the audience, and translated his journey into a series of credible and recognisable business messages. Absolute pleasure to listen him and to learn from him.
Thank you Caspar.
— Mike Blackburn, OBE