How to create a business that can run without you

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A short story from last weekend...

Black, Grey or White?

A thought / reflection occurred to me.

I’m sharing as it may be helpful to you too.

Your time. Is it black, white or grey?

What do I mean by that? It’s about clarity of thought.

Black time is where you are 100% focused on the mission/ work task in hand. Distractions are removed. Your attention is laser focused.

White time is where you are 100% focused on family, yourself, being 100% present with whoever you are with.

Grey time is where you juggle the two and do neither particularly well.

It’s endemic as our iPhones travel everywhere with us. Work seeps into family life. Family seeps into work life. Neither gets done particularly well.

Am I perfect at this? No.

Am I half good at this? No.

Is this a note to myself as much as sharing the idea? Absolutely Yes.

My wife reminded me of this earlier. Her words: "I’m spending the day with the girls."

I’m not working. I’m being present.

We all need the reminders as it happens by osmosis as it’s all around us.

And with that…

I spent the rest of the weekend with my son and going fishing.

Have a spectacular black or white day. Not a grey one.

Tip: whatever you are doing, be 100% present. Switch off distractions.

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In the Spotlight

We ran our latest 2-day Thrive workshop last week for a brilliant group of entrepreneurs all hungry to create the business that can run without them.

Here’s what Charlotte, one of our attendees had to say about it.


Challenging Industry Norms

Why Ford Cars are challenging “industry norms” aka Turning an ordinary business into an extraordinary business

Ford Cars announced this week they are launching their new electric vehicle.

Not at a car fair, but at a gaming event.

This is smart. Very smart.

I’m certain that it will have caused hours of internal debate at Ford.


Because it’s challenging an “industry norm”

As in, “this is the way we do things”

What did they change?

They changed WHERE they launch / sell.

They will have zero competition and therefore a significantly increased chance to get mindshare and affinity with a very distinct group of customers.

It’s just one of the 6 strategies that you can follow to turn an ordinary business into an extraordinary business.

And if you want to create a business that can run without you, the first step is to turn it from an ordinary business to an extraordinary business.

Tip: If you want extraordinary results, you need to challenge industry norms and do things differently to most people.

Upcoming Webinar

How to build a business that can run without you

We’re running this online workshop next Wednesday 26th September, 8pm.

This is what this isn’t…

A story on how to run a business from a laptop sitting with a view of the beach.

Did that in 2005.

Here's what it means…

Being connected to your laptop for 8 hours a day but just in a different location.

That is NOT a business that can run without you. It's a job.

Just in a nicer location.

Neither is a business where you can only afford to take 2 weeks holiday at a time,

We're talking a business that can truly run without you.

We sailed round the world for 2 years and I promise we were not tied to laptops.

How you approach building this type of business is fundamentally different.

Want the shortcuts?

Register here to join us.

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Be a Better Leader

Why “Hustle” is a terrible idea

Today’s leadership tip of the week challenges what many thought leaders are telling us to do.

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Thought for the Day

One year from now you will be somewhere.

The only question is who gets to decide where you will be?

Why not take control and make the conscious choice?

And then make it happen.

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