Two men and a lion

From the desk of Caspar

A short story about 2 men and a lion...

2 friends are driving through a game reserve in South Africa seeing the lions.

The car breaks down.

There is a lion close by.

They wait for a day to see if someone will report them missing and rescue them.

No one comes.

They are getting hungry and thirsty.

They get to the point where they decide they have to walk to the nearest lodge.

One of the men takes his shoes off and starts to lace up a pair of running shoes.

The other man laughs.

What are you doing that for?

You are never going to outrun a lion.

To which he replies: "Mate. I don’t have to out run a lion. I only have to out run you."

Tip: In your business, you have to be learning and implementing FASTER than your competitors. What are you doing to learn and stay ahead?

In the Spotlight

It’s been a busy week of speaking events. One of my favourites was speaking at an organisation consistently voted one of the best places to work in England.

Here’s what their Head of Communications and Engagement said afterwards:

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 08.22.48.png

In amongst a very busy few weeks, I’m feeling very honoured to be taking the main stage at the Professional Speaking Association annual event, Inspire 2018 in Nottingham.

It’s one thing to be standing on stages. It’s another in front of your peers who are perhaps the toughest audience! I’ll be sharing stories on how to turn family stories into powerful business insights.

Tip: Always find a way to push yourself outside your comfort zone. It’s almost always where we learn and grow the most.

Who do you sell to?

I’ve been reading a brilliant book, Unsexy Business this week by my friend Jamie Waller. The book shares stories from 12 entrepreneurs who have grown and sold businesses in ordinary sectors and yet they have transformed their businesses into extraordinary businesses.

One of the stories comes from Lara Morgan who made a fortune selling mini bottles of shampoo to hotels. She made the choice to transform her business by changing WHO she sold to. This meant cutting away over 50% of her existing customers to make the transition.

We had to do a similar thing in my last business when we transitioned from being an ordinary business to an extraordinary business.

Changing WHO you sell to is one of the 6 strategies you can use to transform your business into an extraordinary business.

Tip: If you want extraordinary results, you need to challenge industry norms and do things differently to most people.

What Crabs Can Teach Us


In my teens, I was a commercial fisherman.

I ran a boat catching and selling crabs. (I had a lot of jokes about that).

You may not know this but every few years, a crab sheds it’s shell.

It’s outgrown the hard shell.

It needs to shed that shell.

Underneath that hard shell is a soft shell which takes time to harden up.

It does of course and the crab grows into it until it the next time it needs to shed it’s shell and grow again.

I’ll get to the point. The shell that we all have is the identity and story we carry about ourselves. Now.

Do you have the same story and identity you had 20 years ago?

Or have you shed a shell or two and grown?

A personal story: In 2012 I had to shed a shell. We’d made a decision to sail round the world.

I’d asked myself the question “How do I create a business that can run without me”

That question really challenged me. Why?

Because I had to break out of my world as an entrepreneur who was good at

Marketing and Finance.

It meant I needed to develop new skills.

AND most importantly a NEW STORY of who I was. I had to let go of old labels. And create new ones.

That was both scary and empowering.

Looking back.

Without questions. The best business decision I have ever made.

To shed one shell and grow into another one.

If you are ready to shed your shell and grow into the next one.

Come and join us in our free Facebook Group.

I’ve got your back.

I know what it takes to help shed that shell and turn soft shell into hard shell.

If you are ready to take the next step, come join us

Tip: When you are ready to grow, make sure you have the right team around you who have your back.

Be a Better Leader

A single lesson from one of the UK’s best workplaces

Today’s leadership tip of the week is filmed inside the offices of an organisation voted one of the best places to work in the UK.

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Thought for the Day

Make your life an extraordinary masterpiece. No-one else will.

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We recently invited Caspar Craven to speak at the annual user conference for my company, Kareo. Caspar shared the lessons he learned through building a successful business while preparing for an extraordinarily audacious goal to sail around the world with his wife and three young children. It was an inspiring, uplifting, and enriching speech about leadership and life that made a profound impression on our customers, employees, and me. As a member of YPO, an international CEO organization, I’ve had the opportunity to hear many amazing speakers over the years and I think Caspar is among the best I’ve seen. I’m a big fan of Caspar and enthusiastically recommend him to leaders in business and community that want to create a unique and powerful experience at their next event.
— Dan Rodrigues - Founder and CEO, Kareo