What's your Purpose?

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I was reminded today of a favourite quote:

"There are two important days in your life. The day you are born and the day you work out why”

The essence of that is about finding your purpose in life. Your identity and how you can contribute to the world.

I reflected.

I’m currently in San Francisco and for the past week have been racing around connecting with some amazing people (and allegedly doing some work getting our boat Aretha ready to go sailing in 9 weeks time).

It’s also given me a little time to think about the crazy journey that I’m currently on. I’m in process of building my next business. It’s based around my speaking and what I’ve learnt about Leadership and Teamwork.

I reflect on the journey I was on when I built my last business Trovus and how that was different.

Back then, it was more about money, it was about growing the business and achieving numbers. It felt hard.

This time round, my mindset is different. The focus is serving and helping other people. Contributing to the world and sharing what I've been priveliged to experience, discover and learn.

It’s such a powerful shift, it’s hard to find the words to articulate it.

The closest I can get is that it feels like the day I worked out my purpose. I truly believe that my purpose to inspire other people and to share what I’ve been fortunate to learn about leadership and building teams. The outcome is that it brings out the very best in people so that others can achieve exceptional results.

My wish for you to keep asking whats your purpose in life, how can you contribute to others and find your reason for being.

The clues are there, but often overlooked. What is it you love doing? What are you passionate about? What makes you feel alive and excited. Even if you’ve not experienced that for a while, cast your mind back and find those things that give you energy. That thing right there that you thought about. That’s a good clue. A good starting point. Explore that and enjoy the journey of discovery.