Feel Better in Just 10 Seconds. Proven Scientifically (ish).


I’m enjoying being immersed back in learning again. Being coached, attending conferences and reading. Lots of reading.

Want one of my favourites from the past week?

I borrowed it from Tim Ferriss book, Tools of Titans and it’s a 10 second exercise.

Here goes:

Very simply. Think of two people you know.

Think for just 10 seconds how you want those two people to be happy and how you wish the very best for them.

In my non scientific sample of sharing this with 7 people, everyone said they felt better after 10 seconds.

I thought it was pretty cool anyway.

If you want a 30 second update of interesting stuff in my world, read on. If not, that’s totally cool and I’ll be back next week to share my latest thoughts.

I’m excited to have a 5 page feature coming out early next month in Yachting World. It’s the first of several features/ articles. It’s got some of my favourite pics in it too. Sticking with publishing, I had another first this week - seeing my book featured in Bloomsbury’s catalogue of upcoming books that they are selling into their distributors (pic below)

My latest speaking gigs continue apace - speaking to lots of charities last week about “Failure”, and how that word doesn’t really exist in my world. Feedback and experiments are my preferred language. My talk from the Hero Round Table is now live at www.casparcraven.com on why my kids are my heroes. Lots more speaking gigs starting to appear in the diary too which is exciting.

Finally. I’m back on Aretha, our home for 2 years as we sailed around the world and currently in San Francisco. I'm happily prepping her for our next sailing adventures this summer. I just also learnt I’m going to miss the heatwave back in England! It’s rare to arrive in California and for it to be colder than England.

Have an awesome week everyone and let me know if the 10 second feel better thing works.

Caspar, Out.

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