The only certain thing.

I’ve spent the past couple of days reflecting. In truth, it was partially driven by a slightly hungover Sunday morning.

Here’s what I noticed.

The first is the extent of change we are experiencing in the world. Economically, politically and culturally. I see the disruption happening in all sectors. Banking, Education, Retail, Charities. Everywhere.

The norms we’ve had of traditional institutions for the past generation are now changing. Areas of our lives that we thought were now certain are uncertain.

Take Banking for example. The primary asset of banks in the past has been trust. That is now changing - partly of their own making with events of the past and partly because technology is providing alternatives that engender trust through transparency and efficiency.

In a world of uncertainty, how do you create your own certainty?

Depending on your frame of reference, you’ll likely view this as exciting or terrifying. What is certain is that change is happening.  To do nothing to embrace change is to make a choice. What other choices are there?

What I see as the single most important competitive factor that organisations need to develop is that of culture, teamwork and how teams work together. That single factor alone has to be the certainty that organisations need to handle the disruption and change that is upon us. How you work together and handle things. How you learn, how you adapt to failure, how you change your approach to create a winning formula.

My advice. Immerse yourself in learning how to truly make your culture and the teams that you work strong and able to adapt to whatever the world throws at you. 

Anyone who has read a few of my blogs will know I’m always conscious of the influences that you allow into your world. Just this week I shared the stage with Lord Stone, the COO for Real Estate for Deutsche Bank, heroes from the Charity sector, leading Academics, Heads of Learning and Development, Joe de Sena who runs Spartan and many many others. I share this not to brag, but to highlight diversity. It’s a huge privilege to be exposed to so many amazingly diverse minds at their top of their game. It gives me many different perspectives on what is going on in the world. The associated question is what influences do you consciously allow into your world?