Responsible or Irresponsible? How to manage risk in life and business.

Responsible or Irresponsible.jpg

As I was scrolling through Facebook last week, an insightful quote jumped off the page and lodged in my mind. It was a Tim Ferriss quote …

“a persons success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he is she is willing to have”

It made me stop and reflect.

Specifically. On one of the areas I have been working on for almost exactly a year now. More specifically. My speaking career.

Since returning from our sailing adventures, I’ve set myself on a mission to inspire people all over the world to be more, do more and achieve more. This has shown up with me speaking to amazing audiences the world over about leadership, teamwork and resilience. Every time I’ve spoken I’ve been very grateful to have wonderful feedback.

For a while though, I’ve had a nagging suspicion that something obvious has been missing. This is where the uncomfortable conversation comes in.

On several occasions, I’ve been put forward for a speaking gig and I’ve not been selected. The reason given was:

“How can we put someone who is so utterly irresponsible on our stage. To put his wife and children in danger. How utterly reckless of him”

I’ve decided to meet the conversation head on. What I’ve noticed is that when I first meet people and tell them our story, there is usually one of two reactions.

You are the best Dad in the world for giving your family such an incredible experience.

You are the most irresponsible person I’ve ever met.

There’s not much else in between. It does tend to polarise views!

So. With this in mind. I’ve created a second topic to speak on. The subject is risk. How we evaluate risk, how we manage risk, how we embrace risk. There are very strong parallels in business and life between what we did and the world we now live in.

I’ll be placing our process, what we did and how we managed risk in a context where people listening can evaluate the risks in their own organisations and teams and how to manage those risk.

I’m excited to be sharing my ideas on this topic. It's a hugely important topic as I believe we as humans can do so much to change how we approach risk. We can't ignore risk - we just have to understand and manage it better. How we manage the change and uncertainty that lies ahead for us will depend so much on how we prepare for it. That involves understanding risk. So, I'm pretty certain that some people will still think I’m irresponsible and at the very least it will give them and others ideas that they can action in their day to day lives.