How's your team working together?

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Your team. Work team. Family Team. Sports Team.

Things ever get a bit tough and crunchy?

Of course they do. We're human. Just the nature of how human dynamics work.

One of the biggest shifts I discovered in building teams and to get people working well together was to use appreciation. Find small details as well as the big things and tell people what they are doing well. Even better do it publicly so others know too. I used to give chocolate bars in my business at the same time as telling people what they are doing well.

We're hard wired to spot things that are wrong. It's harder to train ourselves to focus on what's right and tell people what they are doing well. And to do that consistently.

We all know this right? When was the last time you did it?

My Monday thought for you. Find one person today in a team you work in and just share a specific thing that you saw them do and why you thought that was great. The more specific, the better,

This was one of the cornerstones of how I built my businesses and sailed twice around the world. Over the past few months, I've been working with the excellent team at and have distilled down some pithy to the point lessons on team building.

It's recently gone live here:

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Have an awesome day


What a great session Caspar – and so well delivered.

You have a superb story to tell and you linked your personal ‘lessons learned’ to business leadership issues very skilfully.

You spoke with real credibility and you spoke to 100+ people in the same way as you would speak to 1 person – I always think that is the ultimate achievement for a presenter.
— Eric Pillinger - TACK International