How to create your compelling vision of the future...

Back in 2009, my wife (Nichola) and I created our plan to change our future with our plan to sail around the world with our young children.

We're now planning the next missions, ventures and adventures in our lives.

Here's the process we used before and what we are doing again now...

Time taken – one uninterrupted evening

Tools required – 

- Lots of A5 paper

- Coloured felt pens

-  A clear space to work

- A bottle of wine and glasses (optional)

1.    Create a vision

This is the exciting part. At this stage do not give any thought to the detail of how you are actually going to achieve it. The how stage comes later. For now you need a plan that excites you sufficiently that it will get you out of bed early in the morning, it will keep you working late at night and that it will get you dreaming and thinking whenever you have a moment or two spare. Don’t give any thought to whether it sounds silly, laughable or ridiculous. If its your passion or dream write it down, share it, get it out there. This is not the place to be shy, you need to speak up and spell it out. Make sure the vision you have is shared with who ever you intend to do this with. It doesn’t have to be for the same reasons but it has to be the same clear vision. 

2.    Write it down

Ok so you have a vision, its shared, its exciting, its madness. Write down the final draft on one piece of paper with a pen. Give it a deadline by when it will happen. Nothing happens without a deadline. Make it colourful, make it bold, make it a physical thing. Sign and date it with today’s date. 

3.    Make it public

Pin this piece of paper up in a public place in your home. Do not hide it in a room that nobody goes into, put it in the most public place you can think of – you want your family and friends to see it and to ask you about it. We put ours in the kitchen where we spent about 90% of our day. It was in full view ofus and everyone who visited our home. 

4.    Read it

Read your vision both to yourself and out loud everyday so that it becomes second nature. You want it to feel natural. The more natural it feels to you, the more natural it will feel to your family and friends. The more natural it feels, the idea will move from what feels fanciful to something actual. Once it feels real, your energy will be concentrating on what you need to do to make it happen not whether you can make it happen.

Note: this is an excerpt from Caspar's upcoming book on how we made things happen and how to design your life.

Inspiring!! Caspar spoke at our annual Group kick-off event and gave terrific insights into the importance of holding true to your values, being resourceful and not waiting for perfect when it’s time to pursue your dream. We were blown away by his unique experiences out on the open seas and more over how he applied these perfectly to the global theme of our event, making it very relevant to our audience and their personal/shared objectives. Caspar was wonderful to work with, with his very positive and constructive nature. He engaged with the team seamlessly and dealt with any challenge we through his way – though I guess that shouldn’t be surprising!
— Hadas Hughes Group Director, Marketing Communications and Programmes at Exclusive Group