"What’s the very first thing you do in the morning?”

Between Christmas and New Year I unusually found myself meandering around on Facebook. I came across a very active discussion thread titled: 


"What’s the very first thing you do in the morning?”


It struck me as being such a great question. What you do first thing in the day has the power to set you up for a great day.


Do you bounce out of bed with energy and on a mission. Or do you get out of bed the wrong side?


Whichever it is, it’s worth noticing what the impact is that it has on the rest of your day.


With that knowledge, isn’t it worth scripting your day or at least the direction your day is most likely going to go?


On a bad day. I’ll wake up and check emails and Facebook and my mind will 100% directed by whatever happens to pop up in either feed.


On a good day. I’ll wake up and write my gratitude journal, focus on all the things that I want to contribute to the world, drink some water and take some time to do some deep breathing.


I notice a huge difference in the outcomes by the end of the day depending on how I start the day. I’ll react much better to whatever arises in the day, I’ll be a better person to be around and I’ll have achieved a lot more.


I love the phrase that its important to stand guard at the door of your mind. What you let into your mind influences you and your behaviours.


On the boat and at home with the children, when we can we start the day by sharing what we are grateful for and by doing values prizes - taking the time to notice the good things that other people have done in our family over the previous 24 hours.


We’re not perfect. There are days when I start the day by opening a device and filling my head with other stuff. 


When I consciously remember and decide what sort of a day I want to have, those are usually the best days.


For amusement. Some of the responses that came up on that thread:


- Go to pee

- Open my eyes

- Turn on the other side and sleep another hour

- Stretch

- Check emails

- Check Facebook

- Drink Coffee

- Talk to the 2yo who woke me up.


Just food for thought. Over to you - its all your choices.

Caspar, Out.

I was fortunate enough recently to hear Caspar’s amazing story of his round the world adventure with his family. Engaging, humorous, and full of learnings for everyone. Thank you Caspar for reminding me to keep having adventures, and to smile in the face of adversity. And to do so together, and not alone.
— Tim Taylor - Former Group Director of IS Archant