"I share unforgettable stories on leadership, teamwork and resilience with simple powerful messages that anyone can action”

Caspar spoke at our annual user conference in California. It was an inspiring, uplifting, and enriching speech about leadership and life that made a profound impression on our customers, employees, and me. As a member of YPO, an international CEO organization, I’ve had the opportunity to hear many amazing speakers over the years and I think Caspar is among the best I’ve seen. I’m a big fan of Caspar and enthusiastically recommend him to leaders in business and community that want to create a unique and powerful experience at their next event.
— Dan Rodrigues - Founder and CEO, Kareo
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I recently engaged Caspar to speak at our Datacore Sales Kick-off in Malta. The feedback from the team was overwhelmingly positive. Caspar provides a balance of practical advice and inspiration, the delivery is authentic and entertaining. I highly recommend Caspar.
— Amanda Bedborough - Senior Vice President, Operations EMEA at DataCore

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Caspar’s story is simply inspirational!

I recently had the pleasure of seeing Caspar address an audience of over 800 technology channel people in Cannes, France. A mix of senior executives, managers, sales, marketing and techies, of which 3/4 were from outside the UK so English wasn’t their first language.

Despite the language barrier Caspar had them engaged for over an hour telling his story with purpose, vulnerability, humour and humility, making it relevant and demonstrating how the biggest of challenges can be overcome.

It just goes to demonstrate the power of a great story. Highly recommended for any business looking to grow its leadership teams
— Mark Waite - Managing Director at Tech PR & Marketing consultancy, Cohesive Communications

Core Messages


Build a Winning Team: Leadership and Teamwork

  • How to get a team that grows and builds on it strengths

  • Why so many businesses get values wrong and what to do about it.

  • Strategies to uncover and harness hidden skills in your team.

  • How to create momentum from inertia.

  • Keeping cool and thriving amongst uncertainty, adversity and failure.

Embrace the Storm - how to deal with uncertainty & change

  • How to deal with adverse conditions and turn them into opportunity.

  • Break down silo’s so everyone works together effectively

  • Develop resilience and proven strategies to deal with uncertainty.

  • Build on the natural strengths and talents that already exist in your team

  • Move from a blame culture to a build culture

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Resilience (made so simple a 5 year old can understand it)

  • Creating rituals, habits and patterns that become the bedrock of your culture.

  • Inspiring stories that point to the seeds of success in every failure.

  • Why almost everybody else is wrong, and why you MUST challenge industry norms.

  • What children can teach you about engagement.

Caspar is a consummate professional and one of the safest pair of hands on the speaking circuit.

He did a superb job at our annual awards for 470 of the small business and investment community. An insightful, genuine and inspirational storyteller that was bang on message for the evening.
— Guy Tolhurst - Small Business Champion, mentor and leading practitioner on SME and Alternative Investment

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