Your team is the difference between success and failure. The difference between achieving your goals and missing them. These techniques apply in business as much as they do in adventures and your family team. How do you go about crafting and creating your winning team, a resilient team capable of whatever gets thrown at you?


Create your Winning Team


In my Keynotes Talks, I take the audience through the key steps I’ve developed to create and build winning, high performance teams in business, sport and family environments. These steps are told through the story of my latest adventure, sailing around the world with my family. I weave in stories from my experiences leading a team on the world's toughest yacht race, building three separate successful million dollar businesses, and building teams within global corporates.

My uniqueness comes from my stories and what I've learnt about creating teams in business, in my family and in sport.

My goal is to deliver a truly memorable message with energy, with humility and humour so that you come away inspired with fresh ideas and energy to have the biggest impact on those that you work and spend time with.

I speak on a variety of topics - each is tailored to meet the exact needs of your organisation and what you'd like to get from our time together.


Speaking Topic 1 - Charting Success - 8 Steps to Navigating a Winning Team (Caspar's most popular Keynote talk)


Businesses fail because the teams and people don't work together effectively to respond to the situations they are faced with.

Success in business in the current uncertain and changing environment demands that your team is working in harmony to harness all your collected talents and to succeed.

There is an African saying, "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." This talk emphasises the power of "we" rather than "me" and how you can achieve more together.

What's Covered?

You’ll get fresh tools, ideas, energy and inspiration on how to get things done as a team.

The insights are delivered with memorable stories that can provide the catalyst for getting your team into action and how to move forward and deliver on your goals.

Your Takeaways

  • You and your team will leave with inspiration, energy and practical ideas that you can implement immediately to generate instant impact in your business;
  • Ways to uncover and harness hidden skills in your team and getting people to play to their strengths;
  • Specific steps you can take on how to make things happen and move from ideas and planning to creating a winning outcome;
  • Techniques on how to shape a team that can respond positively to adversity and deal with the uncertainty and challenges that business throws at you;
  • Fresh ways to drive innovation into your business.
Caspar is a master of leadership and team building because he’s actually lived it in his life. He’s truly an adventurer who squeezes the juice out of life and has combined that with his skill in business to create a message that is truly unique.
— Joe Williams (Tony Robbins Head Trainer for 20+ years)

Speaking Topic 2 - Executional Excellence. How to move from idea to outcome.


It’s like a broken record. Every company talks about vision, mission, values and talks in corporate BS about what needs to be done. All meetings. All talk. Small focus on what’s really important. Indecision. Inertia.

The reality is that success is all about getting into it and getting things done.

This topic brings a contrarian approach on how you can move from talking about things and creating the outcomes and results that you want in your business.

What's Covered?

You’ll get a fresh approach developed for use in business around how to get things done as a team.

It’s delivered with memorable stories that can provide the catalyst for getting your team into action and how to move forward and deliver on your goals.

Your Takeaways

  • Thought provoking stories and ideas on how you can create momentum in your business;
  • Simple practical ideas that work and that you can take and action immediately;
  • Learn new tools that enable your team to handle changing situations on your route to delivering your outcomes;
  • Uncover new ways to maximise the value of underused resources and assets.
“Caspar was our motivational speaker at our EMEA launch event and delivered very powerful and relevant takeaways. His messages were told through highly memorable stories which touched people on many levels. His messages around teamwork, values, being resourceful and how to deal with tough challenges - despite the odds - were exactly what we wanted. Caspar totally delivered the goods and I’d hire him again in a heartbeat”
— Barrie Desmond Chief Operating Officer (COO) - Exclusive Networks

Speaking Topic 3 - How to Transform Culture in your Business


Values, culture and behaviours. Virtually guaranteed to raise eyebrows and cynicism inside most organisations. It’s common place that at best lip service is paid to this and at its worst downright cynicism.

To be successful in business today demands a fresh approach. Having the right culture, behaviours and mindset is absolutely at the heart of this and can be the cornerstone of your success.

What’s covered?

You’ll get a fresh and contrarian approach developed for use in business, family and sporting teams.

It’s packed with practical examples and ideas that everyone can relate to and is delivered through memorable stories. This provides the foundation for transforming your culture through a fresh approach.

Your Takeaways

  • Thought provoking ideas and stories on how you can transform corporate culture and behaviours;
  • Fresh practical ideas that can be implemented immediately to build and create a winning culture;
  • Techniques and tools on how to shape a team that responds positively to adversity and deals with the uncertainty and challenges that business throws at you;
  • Discover how the right culture can release the creative thinking of your team and get them working together rather than as individuals.
The talk was fantastic and it went down a storm. We already knew a bit about Caspar’s inspirational story, but his talk far exceeded our expectations when we booked him as an after dinner speaker for our annual Partner Awards. As a dynamic and engaging speaker, our partners were both moved and inspired by Caspar’s incredible story. His motif of ‘working together as a team to achieve your dreams’ went down a storm and really helped us reinforce the messages we were promoting with our event. I would recommend Caspar as a speaker for any event.”
— Hannah - Marketing Manager, Venntro Media

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