In my Keynotes Talks, I use the power of unforgettable stories and images to leave simple actionable messages.

The stories come from building multiple successful business ventures and from sailing twice around the world. The first time on the worlds toughest yacht race. The second time with my wife and 3 children aged 9, 7 and 2.

My goal is to deliver a truly memorable message with humility, humour and passion so that every person leaves feeling inspired with fresh ideas and energy.

I speak on 9 different topics - each uniquely tailored to meet the exact outcomes for your audience.

Topic 1 - Charting Success - 8 Steps to Navigating a Winning Team

This talk is all around Leadership and Teamwork and how to build a high performance, winning team. I take audiences on an unforgettable journey around the world with powerful images and videos and at each point of insight, connecting the experiences back to the business world. Some of messages I share include:

  • How to get a team that operates in silos to collaborate effectively.

  • Why so many businesses get values wrong and what to do about it.

  • Strategies to uncover and harness hidden skills in your team.

  • How to keep cool and thriving amongst uncertainty, adversity and failure.

Topic 2 - Decision Making Under Pressure

How to alter course and keep your team onboard when uncertain and changing conditions threaten your business.

  • Moving from a blame culture to a build culture

  • How to ingrain the approach that leadership is a mindset, not a title

  • Strategies to handle rapid and unpredictable changes

Topic 3 - Embracing the Storm

How to deal with adverse conditions and turn them into opportunity.

  • Strategies to prepare for the storm

  • Breaking down silo’s so everyone works together

  • Why you need to be prepared to build rapidly after the storm

Topic 4 - Team Dynamics in a Changing World

What your team needs when there are no answers, only questions. How to create a team that can thrive in a world of change.

  • Creating collaboration and teamwork as standard

  • Empowering teams to make brave decisions

  • Why change can be the best thing for your business

Topic 5 - Infinite Patience. Immediate Results

When cashflow and customers demand immediate results and your team need support and understanding. How to bridge the gap.

  • Techniques to develop resilience and handle the pressure when everything seems black

  • Develop the culture to build true grit

  • Translating parenting skills into business.

Topic 6 - Create a business that can run without you

How to turn an ordinary business into an extraordinary business, and then into a business that can run without you.

  • The 6 strategies to transform an ordinary business into an extraordinary business.

  • How to create the team that performs better without you.

  • Develop the focus that means your team are as engaged as you are.

  • Develop resilience and proven strategies to deal with uncertainty.

  • How to position your business so that bidders are fighting to buy it.

  • Why “hustle” is a terrible idea.

Topic 7 - Resilience (made so simple a 5 year old can understand it)

How do you create a team that thrives in uncertainty, embraces failure and creates momentum?

  • Creating rituals, habits and patterns that become the bedrock of your culture.

  • Inspiring stories that point to the seeds of success in every failure.

  • Why almost everybody else is wrong, and why you MUST challenge industry norms.

  • What children can teach you about engagement.

Topic 8 - Thrive: What Business can learn from Family

What makes a business Thrive?

What makes a family Thrive?

It’s exactly the same things. Learn how you can create a thriving business AND a thriving family at exactly the same time.

  • Getting everyone to head in the same direction.

  • How to handle ego and disengaged team members.

  • Why Values aren’t just for business and how you can really make them stick.

  • Why Family First leads to a more profitable and rewarding business.

Topic 9 - Family Motivation

What makes a family really click and thrive together? Circumnavigating with children aged 9,7 and 2 gives you insights and experiences that can help you to:

  • Discover how to get everyone engaged, learning and growing.

  • Learn techniques to develop resilience and overcoming failure.

  • Develop simple rituals that both children and adults can use to make the family stronger.

  • Discover what home schooling teaches you about being a better leader (in business or family).

We recently held a 3-day conference in Newport Beach, California. We engaged Caspar to be the closing motivational speaker.

Having Caspar there sharing stories about his sailing adventures and applying those lessons to the business world was truly magical.
— Michelle Kilgore - Event Manager
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Wow! His story was inspiring. Delivered with great passion, humility and openness. He captured the imagination of the audience, and translated his journey into a series of credible and recognisable business messages. Absolute pleasure to listen him and to learn from him. Thank you Caspar.
— Mike Blackburn, OBE

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